MPL MY S7 Week 2 Recap: New patch hits Season 7, Suhaz EVOS remain undefeated

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 22, 2021

In case you missed it, week 2 of MPL MY Season 7 Regular Season featured some exciting matches all across the board. A new patch was recently implemented that featured some hero tweaks and balances, while teams could be seen being more experimental with their drafts this week. 

Here’s a glance at Week 2’s Results along with each Group’s standings:

  • Orange Esports vs TODAK (1 – 2)
  • Team Bosskurr vs RSG MY (0 – 2)
  • Reborn Esports vs Orange Esports (2 – 1)
  • Team SMG vs HomeBois (1 – 2)
  • Geek Fam vs RED (2 – 0)
  • Suhaz EVOS vs Team Bosskurr (2 – 0)
  • RSG MY vs Geek Fam (0 – 2)
  • TODAK vs Team SMG (1 – 2)

Group A

  • 1st – HomeBois
  • 2nd – Reborn Esports
  • 3rd – TODAK
  • 4th – Team SMG
  • 5th – Orange Esports

Group B

  • 1st – Suhaz EVOS
  • 2nd – Geek Fam
  • 3rd – RED
  • 4th – RSG MY
  • 5th – Team Bosskurr

Suhaz EVOS took the spotlight again this week, being the sole remaining undefeated team. They have not lost any series and games as of Week 2. In other news, TODAK’s own invincibles win streak from the entirety of Season 6 was broken by Team SMG via a close 2-1 result. Upon observation, it could be seen that HomeBois, Reborn Esports, Team SMG and Orange Esports have shown signs of improvements this week. Despite Orange Esports not picking up any series wins in particular, Kuja’s appearance in both matches did bolster their overall performance. The team should bounce back stronger in the coming weeks. But major changes could be seen in RSG MY and Geek Fam who displayed night-and-day-like improvements this week. For RSG MY, their games against Team Bosskurr were very clean, with the team introducing unique drafts to boot. Geek Fam on the other hand really turned up the heat, with two clean 2-0s against RED and RSG MY this week. It goes to show that Panda and Nellbie are some of the new faces in town that teams should be wary about. While Team Bosskurr may not have had the best week, don’t forget that the team did show promising performances from Week 1. It would just be a matter of revisiting the drawing board for the remaining weeks to come.

New patch hits the Land of Dawn

A new patch was recently implemented into the game, which come with some hero adjustments. The heroes that were affected include: 

  • Argus (reworked)
  • Bane (considered somewhat reworked, buffed) 
  • Brody (adjusted)
  • Benedetta (nerfed)
  • Yi Sun-shin (nerfed)
  • Mathilda (buffed)
  • Paquito (adjusted)
  • Silvanna (nerfed)
  • Angela (adjusted)
  • Aurora (adjusted)
  • Johnson (adjusted)
  • Terizla (buffed)
  • Wanwan (nerfed)
  • Barats (buffed)
  • Yu Zhong (nerfed)
  • Lapu-Lapu (nerfed)
  • Alpha (buffed)
  • Vale (adjusted)
  • Dyrroth (buffed)
  • Esmeralda (nerfed)
  • Moskov (buffed)
  • Popol and Kupa (buffed)

It’s worth noting that some of these heroes made appearances during Week 2, potentially as a result of these changes. Out of the many listed here, Bane stood out as a pick that every team started to warm up to using. Arguably so, as itemizing Bane with magic attack-based items has officially become a thing. 

This skill hits different now

His ultimate now has the potential to ramp up insane damage when itemized properly into the late game. The standout player that made this hero look especially appealing was Panda from Geek Fam. 

Look at those numbers

Though it does require weathering through a successful laning phase, and having good items to hit those numbers. Other teams like Orange Esports, Team SMG, RED, RSG MY and TODAK could be seen trying the Lord of the Heptaseas for themselves, with each having mixed results. It’ll be interesting to see whether the buffed heroes will see their debut in the coming weeks, as we’ve had our fair share of surprising unique picks this week.

The curveballs of Week 2

Fanny-tastic stuff

Fans were treated to a special show by Xorn, when the mad lad donned a Fanny in Game 1 against RED. Fanny isn’t considered a common pick in the competitive scene, but Geek Fam’s emote king managed to show just how viable she is in the right hands. Capitalizing on a RED lineup that did not have any form of hard crowd control skills, Fanny was allowed free reign to zip across the Land of Dawn to reign terror.

RSG MY also showcased the usage of Zhask as a solution against a chunky Esmeralda. During the post-match interview, Rush shared that Zhask was chosen to increase the amount of damage output to be thrown at Team Bosskurr’s Esmeralda. 

Zhask was a painful pick

What's even more exciting about these picks are that these were heroes were neither buffed, adjusted or nerfed in the recent patch. It goes without saying that experimentation is always a risk and reward exercise, so kudos to Geek Fam and RSG MY for making these picks work. Should teams opt to increase experimentations, fans can perhaps witness even more exciting drafts unfold for the rest of Season 7.

Someone’s getting hitched

I’m sure everyone remembered the exchange between Laphel and Ashi during TODAK’s post-match interview against Orange Esports. Ashi wanted to take just a little bit of extra time to share an important announcement to viewers, before Laphel proceeded to abruptly thank Ashi for his time and closed the interview segment.

Part 1

It was due to a technical issue that Laphel could not hear Ashi's request which led to the comedic event unfolding. The two laughed it off and put the incident behind them. Thankfully he was offered a second chance after TODAK's match against Team SMG, where he broke the news that he was getting married soon.

Part 2

We would like to congratulate Ashi on his upcoming wedding and hope for all its proceedings to go smoothly. 

A quarter of the way

And with that, week 2 is done and dusted. We are now officially a quarter of the way through the Regular Season. It’ll be interesting to see how teams analyse their games this week while considering the recently adjusted heroes too. We can only wait and see what else teams have in store, so be sure to catch Week 3’s matches this 26 to 28 March!


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