MPL MY S7 Week 3 Recap: TODAK's Ciku tank gambit pays off, minions nearly became the MVP in a 30 min game

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 29, 2021

Week 3 of MPL MY Season 7’s Regular Season was yet another week filled with intriguing occurrences. From newer players making impactful debuts to teams finding their meta niches, fans were definitely spoiled with another entertaining week of matches all around. 

Here’s a glance at Week 3’s Results along with each Group’s standings:

  • Team SMG vs Reborn Esports (2 - 0)
  • Geek Fam vs Suhaz EVOS (0 - 2)
  • HomeBois vs TODAK (1 -2)
  • Team SMG vs Orange Esports (2 - 0)
  • RED vs RSG MY (2 - 1)
  • Geek Fam vs Team Bosskurr (2 - 0)
  • RED vs Suhaz EVOS (0 - 2)
  • HomeBois vs Reborn Esports (1 - 2)

Group A

  • 1st - TODAK
  • 2nd - Team SMG
  • 3rd - Reborn Esports
  • 4th - HomeBois
  • 5th - Orange Esports

Group B

  • 1st - Suhaz EVOS
  • 2nd - Geek Fam
  • 3rd - RED
  • 4th - RSG MY
  • 5th - Team Bosskurr

Another week passes and Suhaz EVOS still remains as the sole undefeated team. They managed to bulldoze Geek Fam and RED this week to extend their perfect record. At this rate, it will be interesting to see which will be the first team to break their streak or take a single game off them in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, In Group A, Season 6 champs TODAK have managed to regain their top of the group position too while Ashi was absent this week due to his wedding. At the same time, Team SMG managed to climb up to second place. Via the debut of their new tank player, Nova, the team looked like a well-oiled machine in all of their matches. 

TODAK had a lot to be tank-ful for

Ciku racked up the most assists in Game 2 with his Jawhead

Fans would have noticed that Ashi was missing in action this week due to his wedding. This resulted in the team requiring a solid Tank substitute for Week 3. While many would be sceptical of the choice, Ciku took up the temporary mantle of being TODAK’s Tank. Known for being a very mechanically skilled Core player, Ciku managed to display a commendable performance. While his Tigreal in Game 1 against HomeBois was not as effective, Game 2 and 3 was where he truly shined. Ciku donned Jawhead and Chou in those games, demonstrating solid initiations on key targets and created a lot of openings for his team. Observant fans would have also noticed that this was the very first match where TODAK maintained the same 5 players from start to finish.

A Potential Game of the Season

A game that would've kept everyone on the edge of their seats

Fans who were tuning in live managed to witness one of the longest games of the season. A game that lasted 30 minutes and 54 seconds took place between Team SMG and Orange Esports. It was a match filled with many teamfights, where the scales kept tipping back and forth between the two. Any mistake could have easily been the end of one team during the late game. There was even a point where the minions were on the verge of destroying Orange Esports’ crystal!

While everyone was elsewhere fighting, the minions came this close to ending the game

While Orange Esports did end up losing this match, I think we can all agree that their bout was one of the best games we’ve seen this season so far.

Does Ling ring a bell?

Ling has been ignored so far this season, not being picked any team whatsoever. That is until Team SMG decided to pick it in their Week 3 matches. So far the team has a 100% win rate whenever Ling is utilized by F4kez. The Core player has managed to showcase the hero’s viability in MPL MY.

F4kez went ham and did not drop a single death in Game 2 against Reborn Esports

Just like how Fanny has become something of a signature pick for Geek Fam, will Ling perhaps be that same pick for Team SMG? While Ling has arguably seen much more competitive usage than a hero like Fanny, it will be interesting to see what other teams will do in the future weeks. Amidst the sea of Claude, Bruno, Yi Sun-shin and Roger picks, will any team potentially look to Ling as a strong go-to pick again? 

Continual Progressive Growth

As the second instance of the double-round robin kicks into the Regular Season, teams have had their chances to get their paybacks. While not everyone was successful, one thing’s for certain - the teams are all getting progressively better with each passing week, some more so than others. How far will the teams go this season? Will we see even more amazing matches in the weeks to come? Be sure to tune in to Week 4’s matches this 2 to 4 April to find out!


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