MPL-MY/SG: Orange Esports and Makan Cendol qualify for Regular Season

Posted by Samuel Ang on February 9, 2020

Silo makes a comeback and last Season's XPAX X-Assins return.

Today, we witnessed the finale of Season 5's Malaysian Qualifiers, with four teams (DarkHorse, Orange Esports, Makan Cendol, and Honey Juana Clan) showcasing their skills and battling to make it into the Regular Season.

However, only two triumphed after tough matches: Orange Esports, and Makan Cendol, and it wasn't easy. With a US$100,000 prize pool at stake, everyone fought with passion and hunger. 

Experience helped because interestingly, both winning teams have veterans in their line-ups, with Silo in Orange, and Artha, SmoothJago, Raisyaa, and Ax of Makan Cendol, all from last season's XPAX X-Assins.

DarkHorse (DARK) 1-2 Orange Esports (OE)

Surviving to the last day of the qualifiers, DarkHorses certainly lived up to their name. They're a new team in the MY/SG professional scene and this was their first introduction to the highest level of competitive play, having previously won various rookie tournaments. On the other hand, Orange is an established esports organisation, although their MLBB team is relatively new too - with the exception of Silo.

Silo was the former captain of Saiyan Reborn during their miraculous run in Season 2, bringing the underdog team from near-elimination to finally lift the trophy, beating EVOS Esports SG 3-1.

Saiyan Reborn defied all odds to win MPL-MY/SG Season 2.

Orange started well against DARK, taking an early lead in Game 1 and pressuring DARK non-stop to crush them in just nine minutes! It's safe to say Orange's Mal played a big role in this, dishing out huge amounts of damage on his Bruno and forcing DARK's players to back off, which gave his team room to take objectives without fear of retaliation.

Game 2 saw a reversal of fortunes, with DARK pulling off an impressive comeback after a long game. They managed to steal Lord, and even Mal's Bruno couldn't keep up with DARK's overall damage.

Moments before Orange Esports destroyed DarkHorses base in Game 3.

Still, Game 3 was where OE made their stand. Reversing the early lead from DARK, they pressed their advantage, not giving DARK any breathing room as Orange systematically disassembled every objective to gain an even bigger lead. After two seasons away from the professional scene, Silo, who left Saiyan Reborn post-Season 2, has finally returned to reclaim his glory.

Makan Cendol (MC) 2-1 Honey Juana Clan (HJC)

The other semi-final match was between Makan Cendol and Honey Juana Clan (HJC). HJC is a new team which lacked experience. Despite them battling tough and nail to get into the Regular Season, it was Makan Cendol, with four out of five players from Season 4's XPAX X-Assins, who used their professional experience to steamroll past HJC. To HJC's credit, they did manage to take one game off MC.

Game 1 started with an even series of back and forth skirmishes between the two teams, although Makan Cendol eventually pulled ahead and snowballed out of control. On the other hand, HJC showed heart and clawed their way to victory in Game 2. They demolished Makan Cendol's towers while hardly losing any of their own. Despite the ex-MPL players' valiant defence while not having any towers, HJC were simply unstoppable, marching their Hayabusa into Makan Cendol's base to set up a third game.

Makan Cendol's final Lord push overwhelmed Honey Juana Clan's defenses.

Unfortunately, the momentum swung back in Makan Cendol's favour in Game 3. HJC found themselves losing too much ground right from the start. Raisyaa's Pharsa was pivotal, acting as an artillery platform to siege HJC while avoiding retaliation himself, which created tremendous pressure on the newbies. HJC started making more and more mistakes, ultimately losing their window to turn the gold and experience deficit around, and were eliminated.

Orange and Makan Cendol join EVOS SG, Todak, Axis Esports, Geek Fam and Team Bosskurr in the Regular Season. The Singapore qualifiers will take place next week with three slots up for grabs.

MPL-MY/SG Season 5 is organised by eGG Network.


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