MPL-MY/SG Playoffs: Resurgence and Geek Fam set up upper bracket finals showdown

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on May 1, 2020

Their opponents, Team Bosskurr and EVOS SG drop into the lower bracket as they battle for their tournament lives.

Today's MPL-MY/SG Season 5 upper bracket matches saw Resurgence first take on Team Bosskurr, with Geek Fam facing defending champions EVOS SG in the final series of the day.

In a closely-contested series, Resurgence defeated a valiant Team Bosskurr 2-1 and next face Geek Fam in the upper bracket final.

Team Bosskurr dropped into the lower bracket and meet Orange Esports Reborn in the lower bracket. EVOS SG will face Season 4 grand finalist Todak in the other lower bracket match.

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Upper bracket match 1: Resurgence vs Team Bosskurr

Team Bosskurr started the series on a right note, as they went blow for blow against the Playoffs favourites. However, RSG.ly4ly4ly4's Karrie was nigh unstoppable in the game, with a final KDA of 10/0/9, his teammates held on long enough for him to come online. By the 14th minute, ly4 was already 6.6k gold ahead of Leixia's Claude. Despite a valiant defense, a team-wipe around the 15 and a half minute-mark was enough for Resurgence to end the game.

Game 2 was a closer affair as Natalia slipped through the ban phase and was quickly snapped up by Team Bosskurr. His early game impact was felt, but Resurgence handled the pressure her absence exerted.

A good base defense in the 20th minute (despite losing all their inhibitor towers) gave them a sliver of hope as they went on to secure Lord. The game entered into a stalemate as both teams were neck-and-neck at the 25-minute mark.

Bosskurr held their ground and clawed their way back into Game 2.

Bosskurr gradually became more confident with Syno's Uranus and Zaraki's Natalia constantly pushing lanes. Resurgence's more teamfight-oriented line-up could not handle Natalia's late-game strength and ultimately fell in the 33rd minute.

Team Bosskurr started Game 3 confidently as Resurgence took their foot of the gas. In a relatively low-kills game, both teams were contented to posture around key objectives and were reluctant to commit to full-on fights. Resurgence eventually pulled ahead and won the series to advance to the upper bracket finals.

Upper bracket match 2: Geek Fam vs EVOS SG

Geek Fam started the series with a lot of aggression against EVOS SG's 1-3-1 laning setup. Xorn and Artz worked together to draw first blood on Soul's Jawhead. From there, the Season 3 champions gradually extended their lead.

By the ninth minute, Geek Fam already had a 10k gold lead and victory was inevitable.

Xorn's important bait helped Geek Fam kill Fossa's Claude just before Lord pushed into EVOS SG's base.

In Game 2, Geek Fam stunned everyone by picking two Marksmen: Karrie and Wanwan. Despite apparently being the weaker early game team, Geek Fam looked extremely comfortable and by the 5th minute, they had a 4k gold lead!

Overall, it was a similar story to Game 1 where EVOS SG simply failed to match Geek Fam's aggression and tempo. By 11 and a half minutes, Geek Fam were doing their characteristic emote dances outside of EVOS SG's fountain.

With Axis Esports eliminated from the tournament, the candidates to be the first two-time MPL champion has narrowed down. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out who advances to the final day of the Playoffs!

MPL-MY/SG Season 5 is organised by eGG Network. Watch the matches live on our Facebook page.


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