MPL-MY/SG S5 Playoffs: Orange Esports Reborn and Todak survive Day 1

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on May 1, 2020

They eliminate Axis Esports and Team SMG to advance to the next round.

The MPL-MY/SG Season 5 Playoffs started with the first two lower bracket matches between Orange Esports Reborn and Axis Esports, and between Team SMG and Todak.

In the first series, the Mal-inspired Orange Esports Reborn eliminated Season 2 champions Axis Esports in a 2-0 scoreline. In the second series, Todak were dominant as they also took down Team SMG 2-0 thanks to superior drafting and teamfighting.

Lower bracket match 1: Orange Esports Reborn vs Axis Esports

In Game 1, Orange Esports Reborn came out with guns blazing, leading right from the get-go with Eren's Ling and Mom's Jawhead pressuring the map early. However, Axis Esports came back into the game thanks to Loong's Selena Abyssal Arrows and Rynn's on-fire Harith. KaizerX, though in an unfamiliar Marksman role on the Roger, played well.Despite leading the kill score, Orange Esports made a next-level play which completely turned the game back into their favour. In a fight near the Lord pit, Orange sacrificed two members to allow Mal's Wanwan to split-push both the top and middle lanes and destroyed two inhibitor towers. Cakbu's Pharsa later stored Lord under Axis's noses and from there, it was game over.

Game 2 was a more one-sided affair. In the 11-minute victory, Orange Esports dominated from the start. They lose none of their towers and KaizerX's Roger wasn't impactful. The standout player for Orange was arguably Mom, whose Jawhead performances in both games was instrumental to securing their place in the second round of the lower bracket.

Lower bracket match 2: Team SMG vs Todak

SMG followed Axis Esports' unsuccessful playback by picking one of Smooth's favourite hero: Roger. Although the hero worked out well in the early stages of Game 1, he gradually fell off as Todak.Ciku's Claude became more farmed.

Todak's heavy front liners - Eone's Atlas and Nenas' Uranus - were able to withstand the majority SMG's damage. Collectively, both players tanked 66% of SMG's damage output. That gave Moon's Pharsa and Ciku's Claude the space and time to shred SMG.

Nenas' Uranus and Eone's Atlas salvaging a teamfight gone wrong.

In Game 2, SMG, with their tournament lives on the line, threw a curveball by drafting a last-pick Hanzo - a hero which has not seen play at all this season. Todak, on the other hand, opted for a more conventional draft.

Whereas SMG had the early kill lead, by the 5th minute, Todak had already claimed four outer towers. Smooth's Hanzo failed to meaningfully impact the game with a 1/0/3 KDA score. Todak wrapped up the game in 12 minutes to advance to the next round.

In the upper bracket matches later today, Resurgence will take on Team Bosskurr while Geek Fam will face EVOS SG.

MPL-MY/SG Season 5 is organised by eGG Network. Watch the matches live on our Facebook page.


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