MPL-MY/SG S5 Playoffs: Team Bosskurr eliminated in 5th/6th place

MPL-MY/SG S5 Playoffs: Team Bosskurr eliminated in 5th/6th place

May 02, 2020 Benedict Tan  

Despite a valiant showing, they made too many mistakes in Game 3 which ultimately cost them their tournament lives.

Many Malaysian MLBB fans thought that this could be Team Bosskurr’s year. They underwent a major roster shuffle, and despite having a rough start, they managed to finished fourth in the Regular Season.

At the Playoffs, they put up a valiant upper bracket showing against league leaders Resurgence and could have won the closely-contested series. Nevertheless, they lost and dropped into the lower bracket as they faced a confident Orange Esports Reborn who eliminated Season 2 champions Axis Esports on Day 1.

Game 1

Bosskurr started the day with Leixia in red-hot form. His Karrie on Game 1 was phenomenal, recording a 9/0/3 KDA record. Syno’s Uranus and Zaraki’s Chou were also influential in creating space and initiating teamfights which allowed Leixia to carry the team to victory.

Game 2

The second game went in the favour of underdogs Orange Esports Reborn, as they drafted Eren’s Ling and Mal’s Wanwan. This line-up was almost a carbon copy of their Game 1 draft against Axis Esports yesterday.

Their early game pressure proved devastating and they successfully shut down Leixia. All in all, Orange Esports Reborn regained their confidence and were fully in control of the game.

Game 3

With the tie poised, Team Bosskurr took a risk with their Game 3 draft, going for an early game Kimmy as they sought to focus on taking down objectives. However, Orange Esports Reborn also took a similar approach to the game and was more effective in chunking down towers.

Team Bosskurr might have bowed out of Season 5, but they’ve shown that as a squad in a rebuilding process, they have the potential to come back stronger.

With the victory, Orange Esports Reborn progress to the next round to play the victor of Todak vs EVOS SG.

MPL-MY/SG Season 5 is organised by eGG Network. Watch the matches live on our Facebook page.

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