MPL-MYSG Season 6: Ten teams confirmed for the Regular Season

MPL-MYSG Season 6: Ten teams confirmed for the Regular Season

Jul 27, 2020 Benedict Tan  

The latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season is back. Last week, over 500 teams registered to fight for four qualifying spots in MPL-MYSG Season 6, two reserved for Malaysia, two for Singapore.

These are the ten Regular Season teams after Sunday’s (26 July) qualifier matches:

  1. Resurgence (SG invited, S5 champion)
  2. EVOS SG (SG invited, S4 champion)
  3. Geek Fam (MY invited, S3 champion)
  4. Todak (MY invited, S4 runners-up, M1 2nd runners-up)
  5. Team Bosskurr (MY invited)
  6. Orange Louvre Esports (MY invited, S5 2nd runners-up)
  7. Team SMG (MY qualified)
  8. Bella Ciao (MY qualified)
  9. Forsaken (SG qualified)
  10. Divinity Esports (SG qualified)
MPL-MYSG S6 Regular Season 10 teams

There are a few familiar faces in the qualified teams. Raisyaa, Ax and Smooth are still on the team, with Loong joining from Axis Esports. Divinity Esports boasts Season 1 winner, wQxD, in their line-up; Season 2 champion Silo also makes a return, after a less-than-amicable parting with ways with Orange Esports Reborn.

Alhamdulillah, jumpa di mpl season 6.Thanks kepada semua yang support kami dari bawah

Posted by Reborn on Ahad, 26 Julai 2020

The MPL-MYSG S6 Regular Season will begin on 28 August 2020. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information.

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