MPL-PH S5 Playoffs Recap: Day 1

Posted by George Wong on May 29, 2020

Day 1 of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League - Philippines Season 5 (MPL-PH S5) Playoffs kicked off with a bang, with all the teams bringing their A-game to the table. If you missed the action today, fret not, we're here to bring you up to speed!

Upper Bracket

Bren Esports vs Execration

The day started off with an interesting series, featuring unorthodox picks and bans like Hanzo and Lancelot - out of meta heroes. While Execration had a good showing today, especially in game 2 when they gave their opponents a good spanking, it was Bren Esports who proved they were the better team. In the nailbiting third game, Execration took an early lead when they destroyed Bren’s lanes - however, the latter stayed calm, continued farming and only struck back once their cores were online. From then on, Execration’s lead slowly eroded - just like their run in the upper bracket. Bren Esports move on to face the winner of Sunsparks vs Onic PH.

Sunsparks vs Onic PH

Another matchup between old rivals; Onic PH took the first game easily, and the second game saw Sunsparks returning the favour in a similar fashion. The series boiled down to the third game where both teams fought tooth and nail until the final second. It began with the teams trading kills in the early game, and staying close on the networth charts. After 9 minutes, Sunsparks won a team fight decisively, ending the stalemate which allowed them to secure the remaining outer turrets and Lord. With Lord on their side, Sunsparks simply marched into their opponent’s side of the map to destroy two inhibitors, and the base shortly after. Sunsparks will meet Bren Esports tomorrow in the upper bracket finals.

Lower Bracket

SGD Omega vs ULVL

SGD Omega took this series easily, playing cleanly and methodically, executing their line up without any issues. ULVL didn’t stand a chance and it ended up being the only 2-0 of the day. Great showing from the only team to beat Bren during the group stages, perhaps they have what it takes to make it all the way till Sunday. SGD Omega moves on to fight Onic PH tomorrow, while ULVL have been eliminated from MPL-PH S5.

BSB vs Blacklist International

Game 1 was neck and neck until 15 minutes when Blacklist won a team fight to break the game open for them. They quickly seized the Lord and wiped out all of BSB’s outer turrets. This map control allowed them to finish the game after a deciding skirmish near the second Lord. Game 2 saw BSB biting back fiercely, taking an early lead without giving Blacklist a chance to come back. Despite the low number of kills, the former were in control all the way. For the deciding game, BSB Sman’s support Kimmy wasn’t enough to hold off his brother, Blacklist Aqua’s Lancelot who went godlike at 6 minutes. Blacklist International meets Execration tomorrow, while BSB's run ends tonight.

Day 2 of the MPL-PH S5 Playoffs resume tomorrow at 2pm - be sure to tune to Egg Network (Channel 800 on Astro), our Facebook Page, or Cignal in the Philippines.


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