MPLI Playoffs Recap: EVOS vs ONIC, BG vs EVOS

Posted by George Wong on July 4, 2020

Lower Bracket: EVOS Legends vs Onic Esports

Game 1

EVOS stealing Tharmuz away from Antimage for their own draft

After a disappointing fall from the upper bracket yesterday, EVOS Legends (EVOS) played like they had something to prove. Despite a fairly even start, EVOS winning a decisive team fight around the 8-minute mark allowed the team to snowball into a quick push into the base of Onic Esports (ONIC), ending the game before the clock hit 10:00.

Game 2

EVOS allowed ONIC their comfort picks - Atlas and Luo Yi, which proved to be a mistake

While game two demonstrated ONIC’s ability to recompose themselves after the first loss of the series, it also shows what the team can do with comfort picks. ONIC Rasy^ on his Atlas deservedly won the MVP of the match with his 0/0/16 performance on the hero - there’s a reason they pick it for him all the time. The support player effortlessly set up many favourable ganks around the map, leading to EVOS’ eventual downfall. Clean plays from the team overall, but we won’t be surprised if Atlas is banned against them the rest of the tournament.

Game 3

EVOS grab Atlas for themselves this game

With their lives in this tournament on the line, both teams played conservatively until 14 minutes when EVOS broke the game open, taking out ONIC’s bottom and middle lane in succession. EVOS secured a Lord which led to a final march down the mid lane at 17 minutes. Onic Esports have been knocked out of the tournament, and EVOS Legends will face up against Burmese Ghouls next.

Lower Bracket: Burmese Ghouls vs EVOS Legends

Game 1

A wild Diggie appears!

Despite being the underdogs in the matchup, the Burmese Ghouls (BG) managed to play at EVOS Legends’ (EVOS) blazing pace, eventually overtaking them. While BG May Be (on Diggie) was sacrificial fodder in most of the team fights, his crowd control skills helped BG gain the upper hand in multiple skirmishes. By 15 minutes, EVOS looked helpless against BG’s unstoppable push that ended the game.

Game 2

BG came out guns blazing from the get-go while EVOS played it safe with another tanky draft. It looked like BG had EVOS’ number, taking clean fights easily and turning them into objectives, overwhelming their opponents before they could come online. The Burmese team were on a different level this game, and sent EVOS packing with a 2:0 victory. Burmese Ghouls will move on to face Resurgence for a rematch tomorrow, and a chance at the MPLI Grand Finals.

Tomorrow's Matches


And that wraps up day two of the MPLI Playoffs. Tune in to see who will win it all on the final day tomorrow at 2pm (GMT +8) on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.


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