MSC 2021 Grand Finals: Blacklist International vs Execration

Posted by George Wong on June 13, 2021

After an action-packed week of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang this week during the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021, the two teams for the grand final have been determined: Blacklist International and Execration. It's as if the universe was unhappy with the results of MPL-PH S7 and wanted to see the teams go at it again. Yes, you read that right - a rematch of what went down exactly two weeks ago. Seeing how these two teams performed during the whole tournament, it wasn't surprising to see them in this position.

Blacklist International

Blacklist International have yet to lose a single game this tournament, taking out Bigetron Alpha, Impunity KH, RSG MY, and EVOS Legends in very clean matches. Expectations are high for them to finish the grand finals while maintaining their streak.


Execration fell to the lower bracket after being knocked down by EVOS Legends in the first round of the playoffs. However, the Filipino squad fought back admirably and earlier today, they got their revenge by defeating the team that sent them down. Can they do the same against Blacklist International?

Game 1

Both teams started out with standard drafts, but Blacklist did an interesting hero swap with Diggie for ESON and Popol and Kupa for OhMyV33NUS. BLCK broke the early stalemate at 10 minutes with a quick snipe of two EXE players followed by the Lord immediately. A minute later, they were marching down into EXE's base to force out the GGs. BLCK lead 1-0.

Game 2

The second game, Execration struck back hard, taking an early gold, kill lead and the first two Turtles. Execration continued building up their lead thanks to Kelra's flawless performance on Kagura. At 12 minutes, without even taking a Lord, EXE barreled into BLCK's base to claim the win and tying the series 1-1.

Game 3

Game 3 saw BLCK OhMyV33NUS on her signature Diggie, causing havoc on EXE's side of the map and allowing her team to gain an early advantage. In the midgame, BLCK got a bit sloppy, allowing EXE to climb back after multiple successful team fights. EXE managed to get the first inhibitor of the game, but BLCK countered with a Lord kill and their first inhibitor shortly after. At 18 minutes, another fight broke out around the Lord, which EXE handily won with zero casualties, and seized the chance to end the game. EXE lead the series 1-2.

Game 4

The early game started fairly even, with BLCK keeping up in farm despite EXE having the kill lead. Things looked bleak for EXE after BLCK secured the first Lord and claiming the first two inhibitors of the game. However, EXE managed to hold off BLCK with a successful defense that allowed the team to secure an enhanced Lord to equalize the turret situation. The game was decided at 22 minutes when EXE wiped out BLCK's players to cruise down the mid lane to victory. EXE have BLCK at match point, 1-3.

Game 5

An interesting draft for BLCK with ESON on Franco this game and Diggie for E2MAX on EXE. Execration's unrelenting aggression gave them the initial lead which snowballed into a 4k gold lead at 8 minutes. By the midgame, BLCK stemmed the bleeding but it was cut short when EXE won another team fight to secure the first inhibitor at 11 minutes. This gave them a free Lord and another inhibitor, and another favourable skirmish. BLCK attempted a notable defence but it just wasn't enough. With this victory, Execration defeat Blacklist International 1-4 and win MSC 2021.

An amazing finale to conclude MSC 2021, Execration have managed to get their MPL-PH S7 revenge and join the greats as the second Filipino team to win MSC. We look forward to seeing where this budding rivalry goes in the coming months. There will be a short break before the next season of the MLBB Professional League kicks off but for now, the players will be getting some well-deserved rest. Remember to follow eGG Network for more news and updates on MLBB esports!


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