Naraka: Bladepoint Goes Free For A Weekend!

Posted by George Wong on December 13, 2021

24 Entertainment and NetEase Games, the developer and publisher of Naraka: Bladepoint, celebrated its hit battle royale game today with Naraka Fest, a virtual event to announce what's coming in the game's future. Starting off with the big news, Naraka is going to be free this weekend from 17 December until 21 December! If you've been on the fence about dropping $20 on the game, this will be the perfect opportunity to help you make up your mind.

Other announcements:

  • Bruce Lee outfits for Tarka Ji, Tianhai, Temulch, Yueshan, Viper Ning, Matari, Kurumi and Valda. Some of these will be released on 14 December, with the rest coming in the coming weeks
  • Nunchucks - there will be a new weapon introduced to the game, inspired by Bruce Lee's school of Jeet Kune Do
  • Holiday events - players can find troves by breaking boxes, completing quests, or slaying foes to get XP, battle pass levels or materials like Spectral Silk to get skins for the game
  • Viper Ning to appear in Fall Guys
  • Raikou, Naraka's Katana skin will be available in Shadow Warrior 3, and Shadow Warrior 3's Shuriken Splitter will be in Naraka
  • 24 Entertainment collaborating with Armor Forgers to make all in-game armor historically accurate
  • Yueshan to receive new apparel honoring Terracotta Warriors
  • Wuxia crossover will show off "the Legend of Sword and Fairy" and the "Xuanyuan Sword", and Naraka will carry on Meteor, Butterfly and Sword Legacy
  • In March, Li Xiaoyao and 3 other characters will reunite in Naraka in an all-new fashion

Catch the full VOD of the event:

If you want to check out Naraka: Bladepoint this weekend, keep track of the game's store page.


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