NBA 2K League Playoffs Start This Weekend!

Posted by George Wong on August 25, 2021

If you've been following the NBA 2K League over the past few months, you would know that the teams are all geared up and ready to go to win this season's championship. This weekend, we'll be one step closer to finding out who 2021's winner is going to be. After the last chance qualifier last weekend, The Ticket, here are the 12 remaining teams competing in the playoffs:

Western Conference

  • Jazz Gaming
  • Blazers Gaming
  • Warriors Gaming Squad
  • Pistons GT
  • Pacers Gaming
  • T-Wolves Gaming

Eastern Conference

  • Knicks Gaming
  • Grizz Gaming
  • 76ers GC
  • NetsGC
  • Hornets Venom GT
  • Wizards District Gaming

The first round, quarterfinals and semifinals of the Playoffs will be played in a best-of-three format.  Teams seeded 3rd through 6th in each conference will participate in the first round with the winners advancing to the quarterfinals where the teams will be re-seeded.  The NBA 2K League Finals Delivered with DoorDash will be a best-of-five format.


With US $450,000 on the line for first place, you know that these teams are going to try their hearts out to get that victory! But it's going to be a tough road ahead. Make sure you catch the start of the playoffs this weekend (26-28 August) on eGG Network TVTwitch or YouTube. Full schedule.


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