No New Mainline Call of Duty Game for 2023

Posted by George Wong on February 23, 2022

Some pretty interesting news went on in the gaming sphere today - Activision Blizzard will be postponing its 2023 Call of Duty title to a later date, according to insiders from the company. This will be the first time we see a gap in the annual release of the popular first-person shooter franchise since 2006. The delay for the upcoming title was due to the latest entry, Vanguard, failing to meet expectations.

However, if you think that you'll be starved of CoD content this year, fret not. Activision is still hard at work on this year's title (which releases in the fall) and their next free-to-play game, Warzone 2 (for next year). You'll still have plenty of CoD to play around with (like their new Attack on Titan collab).

With how many active CoD games there are on the market, some breathing room between titles could do the series a lot of good. They already have pretty long lifespans and this delay would probably get players even more hyped up for future titles. Hopefully, this also means less crunch for the developers working on the games as well.


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