Getting good at Free Fire: Starting out with Clash Squad mode

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 1, 2021

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Dear Internet,

Sometimes change is good, and seeing that it was almost eight weeks (my God, it's been that long?) that I decided to get good at PUBG Mobile, I've decided to (temporarily) holster my Mini 14 in favour of ... well, I'm not entirely in tune with what guns there are in Free Fire yet. But yes, I'll be trying out Garena's version of mobile battle royale, especially when I'll be covering Free Fire esports more and the Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore is coming up soon next month.

Since I'm not entirely accustomed to Free Fire's combat yet, I thought I should give myself a warm-up first by playing its newly-returned Clash Squad mode.

Seconds before disaster.

Let's dive into Blog Entry #5:

That's a twist

Free Fire's Clash Squad mode plays like the classic mode of CS:GO or Valorant - perhaps Apex Legends' new Arena mode would be more accurate - but with a battle royale spin, where the harmful circle closes in periodically as time passes. Plus, Free Fire is a faster-paced game than PUBG Mobile, so Clash Squad ramps up the speed twofold with a much smaller starting circle and the ability to purchase guns and equipment at the beginning of each round.

Me forgetting that there's a circle and ran outside of it, leading to an anticlimactic death.

Free Fire definitely plays differently from PUBG Mobile, which my colleague explained before so I don't need to. The biggest obstacles I faced in the game were mainly the dissimilar movement and gunplay. I feel that there are a few microseconds of delay when I suddenly change my direction, mostly due to Free Fire's more animated actions. Even so, the motion of running and crouching is faster and you can jump higher, so it's easier to escape fights when you're at a disadvantage.

Your knocked down movement is substantially slower than PUBG Mobile too.

As for the gunplay, I feel it's a little bulky and aim assist is used more than PUBG Mobile. Now I understand what Facebook Gaming streamer JanuaryAKG meant when he said Free Fire is more strategic and dependent on your reflexes, as opposed to the more fluid gunplay of PUBG Mobile.

Being tactical here.

Favourite guns so far

The buying menu of Free Fire Clash Squad contains all the firearms and essential equipment, so it's also a good time for me to be acquainted with them for its classic mode. After trying out a few of them, I pretty much narrowed down my favourites to these:


The MP5 has a crazy high fire rate that allowed me to shred my enemies, and its reload speed isn't so bad too. The downside is that the fire spread increases over time as I hold down the trigger, so I have to somewhat burst it in between, not to mention that it's terrible for long-range fights.


It's like the light machine gun version of the MP5, due to its insanely high magazine size. The downside is that it has a shorter range and longer reload time, but those are valid due to its firepower.


And finally, my go-to gun would be this baby. The three-shot burst assault rifle is deadly in mid and long-range encounters, and you don't have to worry about fire spread when it can only be shot in burst mode. As long as you can tap the fire button fast enough, it's almost as fast as your standard AR.

Next up: Free Fire classic! Alas, I can't play ranked yet due to my low level, but I'll eventually get it up to play in the major leagues.

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