Getting good at PUBG Mobile: Getting into the rhythm (kind of)

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 12, 2021

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Dear Internet,

It's been two weeks since my last entry playing PUBG Mobile, and I'm elated to announce that ... I finally got my first legit kill. (virtually, of course) That's how bad I usually am at PUBG Mobile, and it may seem like a small feat, but it's a pretty big deal for me personally - I'll get to this later on.

Nevertheless, I think I'm slowly getting into the beat of the game; yes, that's a wholly intentional pun, in conjunction with PUBG Mobile's music-focused 3rd Anniversary update. Like any other season, PUBG Mobile Season 18 (patch 1.3) is jam-packed with new content, but there's one particular new mode that helped elevate my experience with the mobile battle royale.

Here we go with Blog Entry #2:

This feels familiar

My prayers for wanting to play in Erangel more was answered, with all of my past games taking place in el classico. I guess Tencent wanted us to try out the latest limited-time game mode they've inserted into the map: the Hundred Rhythms mode. Most importantly, the skill-based gameplay reminded me heavily of Apex Legends, a game I sunk over 200 hours into last year, so it is a great addition for me.

Not a big fan of this, due to the minimal cover they provide. Good loot though.

Aside from concert stages spawning randomly (which are almost always hot spots), the new skills in Hundred Rhythms - reminiscent to Runic Power mode - felt more tactical to me. I enjoyed using the Recon Armband, which lets you scan for enemies with a throwable device and help my more capable friends to seek out enemies.

Enemies glow red after scanning them, rendering them more vulnerable.

I felt Recon is a bit OP, because enemies stay marked for as long as 30 seconds (give or take), so you can heal up first and still find time to hunt them down or know how far they are and revive your downed friend(s). But, I'm not complaining - if I can't help my friends eliminate enemies, I can at least help to scout for them. Plus, my proficiency in using skills help a lot in improving my contribution to the team, especially when Apex Legends' Bloodhound (a recon Legend) is one of my mains.

My friend reviving me, knowing that the baddies are far away enough with the Sonic Scan.

Now I pray that my improvement is not due to Hundred Rhythms' skills. Speaking of improvement ...

Little triumph

I intended to follow up on more Mini 14 x Micro Uzi usage, after praising it profusely in my last update. Alas, I now know that Mini 14s are pretty hard to find, leading to me not being able to experiment more with the combo. By the time I found one, I already had a decked out gun that uses 7.62mm ammo - mainly the superbly common AKM - and another non-5.56mm gun so it would be a waste to swap out.

However, the one match that I managed to bag a Mini 14, was the same match that I scored my first kill. With 25 left breathing in the game, I took the initiative to drive my teammates for the first time too, in a UAZ.

Arguably the scariest micro second in my entire playthrough.

My buddies praised me for my cautious driving - not before I almost drove us off a cliff, phew - before one shouted, "Got car, got car!" I rammed into the gas pedal (figuratively) and chased after them with my friends' guns blazing, eventually crashing the party of a post-battle area, with a few still alive and a couple of smokes.

War never changes.

It felt like Mad Max: Fury Road, with everyone shouting orders and gunning everyone. Once we downed the other squads, we exited the vehicle to finish off the last one amidst the smoke. The moment I got down, I noticed one was leaving the cover of smoke and quickly hip-fired with my Mini 14, knocking him down in one/two shots (my teammates probably damaged him prior).

My proudest moment.

Despite us dying in the end after another squad third-partied us, I'm still pretty proud of that small moment. Throughout my two-weeks playtime, I managed to get two kills in total.

Can't get over how nuts this car chase was, their car spun out of control after knocking them down.

Also, car battles are pretty awesome when you have the chance. You get to move around fast, and you can focus on your shooting without worrying about movement. Then again, if you happen to be on the receiving end, then the entire squad dying in the car explosion probably isn't that fun.

Died trying

In case you guys didn't know, I wrote some pretty useful guides for grenades (if I do say so). And one match, in particular, came a golden moment to experiment with one of my frag grenade tips: Get a headstart. "It’s tempting to rush an enemy when you know they’re in that building, but hold up, why not use your frag grenades to give yourself a few advantages?" I wrote.

Prior to that moment, a few enemies were in a room in the upper level of a building. My attacking friend was knocked down, and my other teammate and I rushed up to assist. Right when I saw them trapped in a small room, the idea came to me - to flush them out with a frag grenade. While he was spraying at them to keep them at bay, I tossed a nade inside and went to revive my downed friend quickly.

Six seconds before disaster.

That was my mistake, because the nade bounced off a wall and landed near my teammate. Once the fuse was up, every single one of us was blown up sky-high.

R.I.P. I should've thrown my grenade lower with a Low Toss.

We burst into fits of laughter as I apologised profusely. "It's okay, man. That was super funny!" one of them breathed in between snickers. Important tip: Always play with friends that enjoy the game the same way as you do.

Closing statement

My step forward may be minuscule, but baby steps count too. As a three-finger player, it's definitely easier for me to aim and shoot at the same time, though I'm still lacking in my quick scope and peeking. Guess I'll have to look up some tutorials on how to do both efficiently because it would be a big help.

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