PUBG Mobile Professional League MY/SG: Group B’s topsy-turvy teams

Posted by Gideon on March 31, 2020

As week 3 resumes tomorrow, Gideon takes a look at the enigma that is Group B.

Meta Matters is a series where we take a deeper look into the esports metagame. We’ll explore strategies used by the best teams and supplement that with our own research and statistics. Esports isn’t just a random group of people playing video games – the meta truly matters!

After two weeks of the PUBG Mobile Professional League MY/SG 2020 and so far a lot of colours have shown between the various teams in the groups. None as concerning as Group B. Now for context, here are the team currently in Group B:

  • FV Unbeatable
  • Bapak Ah Esports
  • Impunity
  • H20
  • Resurgence
  • Axis
  • Team No Recoil
  • Dingoz MZ

The full PMPL MY/SG 2020 groups.

At first glance, a lot of people have claimed that RSG would have dominated this group and I would have agreed with you. However, things did not go very well as PUBG Mobile is an uncontrollable beast of RNG (random number generator) and circle dependant locations. In the first week alone, RSG had underperformed significantly while other teams such as FV stole a chicken dinner away, Bapak Ah Esports were consistently killing and securing top 5 positions every time they played. Dingoz was also snatching Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD) like it’s free pot-roast day.

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Week 2 day 1 came by and it became extremely apparent that the Singaporean teams like H20 and Impunity just could not keep up with the tempo of the Malaysian squads. Their lack of competitions on their home soil hurt them coming in to the league as the entirety of week 1 was them playing catch-up. Frustratingly, they achieved poor results despite these players being decent. If they had more time and experience, I am sure they would have done exceptionally.

As for the rest of the teams, week 2 was a chance to redeem themselves. Team No Recoil had found their footing, played more aggressively stood up to whoever was in their path. They secured themselves 2 WWCD within a day! Dingoz then became the first team to claim two WWCD in a row in PMPL MY/SG 2020. Even Axis found some success in week 2.

Bapak Ah Esports lead the standings after two weeks of gameplay.

This is what makes group B undoubtedly the most terrifying group. They are a band of wild cards strapped together and you will never know which team will be on top. Teams in Groups A and C even struggle to find the consistency that Bapak Ah seem to have formed. Even the likes of Yoodo Gank have fallen to the adaptive rotations of Team No Recoil and Dingos. That’s not to say that Group B has not had its fair share of falling flat. Teams like RSG and FV have been knocked out of games in 16th place on multiple occasions. However, it is just as likely that they up the next game with RSG’s smart hillside contest in week 2 day 4 earning them their first WWCD. By the end of week 2, their claimed three chicken dinners in week two and them the title of week 2’s MVP team.

Resurgence earned the title of MVP team in Week 2 after a stellar showing following a dismal Week 1 performance.

It is unbelievably crazy how often people would count this group out when their performance have stolen countless WWCD from teams like EVOS ViP or even Geek Fam. As organisations, they may not have the prestige of a Team Secret or Yoodo Gank, but keep your eyes on them for this final week – they are tigers just waiting to pounce on any sign of weakness from the other teams.

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This is a guest post and the views expressed here are the author's own. GideonQ is a host of PMPL (MY/SG) 2020.

PMPL MY/SG resumed today (31 March 2020) and will be livestreamed on the PUBG Mobile Facebook page.


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