Orange Louvre Esports Reveal MLBB Squad for MPL-MY/SG S6

Orange Louvre Esports Reveal MLBB Squad for MPL-MY/SG S6

Since the announcement of all the teams competing at the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MY/SG Season 6 (MPL-MY/SG S6), we’ve been curious about Orange Louvre Esports’ roster, since Orange Esports’ previous team departed due to complications and went through the Open Qualifier gauntlet instead.

Well, it looks like we don’t have to wonder anymore. Over the past week, Orange Louvre Esports have been teasing their roster for MPL-MY/SG S6, with the final reveal taking place over the weekend. The team will be comprised of: Ajuk (previously known as Kuja, formerly from Mystic Burden), Nothingtosay (not to be confused with the Dota player), Jiji, Aim (previously known as SoloAim), Hyhy (also, not to be confused with the Dota player), and D’ace.

Our MLBB Captain Kuja himself, giving the best of smiles! Teeth shine white so bright, hopefully like our run in the upcoming MPL MY/SG Season 6.

Posted by Orange Esports on Selasa, 11 Ogos 2020

It’ll be interesting to see how Ajuk can captain his team of promising Malaysian and Indonesian talent for the upcoming season. This roster also marks the first time we’ll be seeing Indonesian players at an MPL-MY/SG. Will language barriers and conflicting playstyles be a problem? Could this be the start of more inter-region teams in the coming future? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Reborn vs Orange Louvre Esports is going to be a match to look forward to!

The MPL-MYSG S6 Regular Season will begin on 28 August 2020. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest updates and news on MLBB!

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