Pasti Menang are the Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Rise to Greatness MLBB Champions!

Posted by George Wong on July 19, 2021

This weekend the Regional Finals of the Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Rise to Greatness came to a conclusion tonight, with Pasti Menang emerging as the winners of the regional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament!

Pasti Menang stayed in the upper bracket all weekend and knocked down Tercemar to the lower bracket yesterday. Tercemar had to defeat Binasic earlier today in a best-of-three (which was much closer than they would have liked) for their rematch against Pasti Menang. Well played to Binasic for almost getting to the grand finals, but it wasn't their day today.

After a long day of exciting matches, it was unfortunately let down by an anti-climatic grand finale. Other than the technical issues which caused a huge delay, the series was a quick 3-0 stomp by Pasti Menang (they only had to win 2 games thanks to the winner bracket advantage), and Tercemar didn't stand a chance. Either way, we're sure Indonesians MLBB fans must have extremely proud because they took up the top 2 spots of the regional tournament!

If you missed out on the action live, you can catch the replay below, including the winners interview after the series:

And with that, the Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Rise to Greatness MLBB regional finals comes to an end. There's still the PUBG Mobile portion of the event to take place so stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates!


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