PMGC 2020: All teams advancing to final Super Weekend 4, plus Grand Finalists predictions

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 17, 2020

It all comes down to this! Well, in terms of Regular Season, that is. Last night's PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020) League Play determined the top 16 teams who will have one more chance to either maintain their qualifying spots, or the last Hail Mary for the bottom eight to reach the top 16 overall standings and enter the Grand Finals.

Here's every team competing in PMGC 2020 Super Weekend 4:

  1. Nova XQF
  2. RRQ Athena
  3. Abrupt Slayers
  4. Four Angry Men
  5. Blue Bees
  6. Bigetron RA
  7. Konina Power
  8. Natus Vincere
  9. Futbolist
  10. Loops Esports
  11. Aerowolf LIMAX
  12. Z3US Esports
  13. Klas Digital Athletics
  14. Secret Jin
  15. Archer Gaming
  16. A1 Esports

Peacekeeper Elite League 2020's runner-ups, Nova XQF, made it to the top for the very first time, thanks to seven top 5 placements out of eight matches and one Chicken Dinner. RRQ Athena performed impressively as well, winning three Chicken Dinners that got them second place. The Thai squad are followed by PMPL South Asia champions, Abrupt Slayers at third, who have been performing well since their amazing run in Super Weekend 3.

Aside from Bigetron RA and Four Angry Men who undoubtedly would've made it to the first page of the leaderboard, Blue Bees finally made their first top 5 appearance too, and Konina Power and Natus Vincere stuck to their momentum successfully since last week; Archer Gaming will be making their Super Weekend debut too. It was an intriguing final League Play that saw other teams that finally proved their full worth.

On the other hand, these are the teams who'll be missing out on PMGC 2020 Super Weekend 4:

  1. Team Secret
  2. Godsent
  3. The Unnamed
  4. Alpha7 E-sports
  5. DRS Gaming
  6. Execute
  7. Elites United Team
  8. Power888 KPS

Team Secret were just three points shy of qualifying for Super Weekend 4, and it's a surprise to see Power888 KPS - currently #7 in the overall standings - missing out on a Super Weekend for the first time, on the final crucial one nevertheless. This will also mark Elites United Team and The Unnamed's absence from every Super Weekend.

How the Grand Finals would probably look like

It goes without saying that the top 11 teams are pretty much guaranteed to enter the Grand Finals of PMGC 2020. Even though teams like Power888 KPS and Alpha7 E-sports, who didn't make it to Super Weekend 4, are in safe - albeit barely - hands due to Power888's top placement and Abrupt's latest performance.

Malaysia's Team Secret are arguably safe at 13th, but due to their absence from Super Weekend 4, they have a small risk of being over overtaken, especially by Aerowolf LIMAX and Natus Vincere, who have been performing better lately and are hungry for tickets to the Grand Finals. Others who are facing the same danger are Z3US Esports and Blue Bees; Super Weekend 4 absentees Godsent are most likely going to get pushed down by either NaVi or Aerowolf.

Despite placing in the bottom eight, if A1 Esports, NaVi and Aerowolf perform outstandingly in Super Weekend 4, they have a strong chance of finally crawling their way into the Grand Finals. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for Archer Gaming, who have accumulated zero points so far - they'd need a miracle to qualify.

Teams who will definitely not make it to the Grand Finals include Elites United Team, The Unnamed, DRS Gaming and Execute, after being excluded from the last Super Weekend.

Catch the Super Weekend 4 of PMGC 2020 tomorrow onwards (18 – 20 December) at 7PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800 for MY viewers), Twitch (English), Facebook (English|Malay) or YouTube (English|Malay).

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