PMGC 2020: All teams advancing to Super Weekend 2

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 3, 2020

Despite the speedbump everyone faced during the first Super Weekend, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020) returned in full swing with the second League Play week, which concluded just last night (2 December).

Here's every team that reached the Top 16 and qualified for the upcoming Super Weekend 2:

  1. Four Angry Men
  2. Bigetron RA
  3. Futbolist
  4. Godsent
  5. Execute
  6. Nova XQF
  7. Power888 KPS
  8. Secret Jin
  9. Blue Bees
  10. RRQ Athena
  11. Konina Power
  12. Z3us Esports
  13. Alpha7 E-sports
  14. A1 Esports
  15. Loops Esports
  16. Klas Digital Athletics

Many familiar names succeeded in swooping return tickets to PMGC 2020 Super Weekend 2, with world champions Bigetron RA and Futbolist in the top 3 once more. Four Angry Men clinched the top spot this time, while last week's top team, Loops Esports, dropped to 15th but not without qualifying. New faces that will be making their first appearance in the Super Weekend includes Godsent, Z3us Esports and A1 Esports.

On the flip side, these are the bottom eight teams that failed to make it to vital weekend matches:

  1. Natus Vincere
  2. Archer Gaming
  3. Team Secret
  4. DRS Gaming
  5. Elites United Team
  6. Aerowolf LIMAX
  7. The Unnamed
  8. Abrupt Slayers

Team Secret, Aerowolf LIMAX, Abrupt Slayers are the newest teams to not progress to the Super Weekend games, which will surely dent their climb to the overall top spots. Fully aware that they won't be able to gather precious points to climb the ranks this weekend, they may up their game in tomorrow's replacement for Super Weekend 1 Day 3 to make up for their absence and hopefully maintain their standings a little more.

Catch the continuation of PMGC 2020 tomorrow at 7PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800 for MY viewers), Twitch (English|Malay), Facebook (Malay) or YouTube (English|Malay).

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