PMGC 2020: All you need to know about PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero so far

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 9, 2020

We've been hungry for news on the world's biggest PUBG Mobile esports tournament, and last night, we finally got our Chicken Dinner - as in, more updates - on the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020), courtesy of an update video uploaded by the official PUBG Mobile esports YouTube page.

To answer the most pressing question of PMGC 2020, here's the full list of teams that qualified for PMGC 2020:

Group A

Aerowolf LIMAX
Nova Esports
Archer Gaming

Group B

Secret Jin
Abrupt Slayers
The Unnamed
Klas Digital Athletics
Four Angry Men
A7 eSports
Z3US eSPORT (PMGC Wildcard)

Group C

RRQ Athena
Execute Esports
Natus Vincere
Bigetron RA
Team Secret
A1 eSports
Elites United Team (Host country team)

The defending world champions, Bigetron RA and Futbolist, immediately qualified for PMGC after conquering the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL 2020) East and West. The pair are joined by the top 5 of the PMPL SEA Finals, the top 4 of PMPL Americas, the top 4 of EMEA League, top 3 of PMPL South Asia, the top 2 of the Peacekeeper Elite 2020, two champions from the Korean and Japanese league, the top Wildcard team hailing from Mongolia (Z3US eSPORT), and finally, one invited team from the tournament host country of United Arab Emirates (UAE), Elites United Team.

As to how PMGC 2020 League Stage will pull off an online format, according to Dot Esports, an unspecified number of teams have arrived in Dubai to compete, resolving the high ping/connectivity issues they were facing in their respective countries and letting them compete without any worries of ping disadvantage.

As you noticed, the number of teams competing in PMGC 2020 has been expanded from 20 to 24, allowing more teams in top placements to enter PMGC 2020. This has led to teams like Team Secret MY - who initially didn't qualify by placing fifth in PMPL SEA Finals - to gain entry into the global league.

The structure of the PMGC 2020 League Stage has also been confirmed to be exactly the same as its predecessor. Taking place over four weeks, the global competition will be split into two stages each week: the Super Weekend qualifiers, and Super Weekend. The two-day qualifiers will have eight matches on each day, with teams fighting for the top 16 spots every week to advance to the three-day Super Weekend, where the points they earn during the weekend will contribute to their standings. The qualifiers reset every week, but teams who fail to advance to the Super Weekend will miss out on gathering precious points for their placements.

There's currently no information on the PMGC 2020 Grand Finals so far, but expect more news about the final stage soon.

And finally, it goes hand-in-hand that the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament would always feature the largest total prize pool ever, with US$2 million on the line this season. A big announcement is coming on 24 November too, we wonder what that will be.

PMGC 2020 League Stage will run from 24 November to 20 December, with the Super Weekend qualifiers happening every Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the Super Weekend every Friday to Sunday; the Grand Finals' dates will be announced at a later time. Watch the action LIVE on Facebook or YouTube.

And you can bet your butt that eGG Network will be covering the world's most prestigious PUBG Mobile series, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on the tournament.


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