PMGC 2020 Finals Team Preview

Posted by Bryan Terng on January 20, 2021

After a little over four weeks of anxiety-inducing break, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020) returns with its final stage this Thursday (21 January). The top 16 teams of PMGC 2020 league stage will be putting out all the stops to win the highly sought-after PUBG Mobile world championship title and their share of the US$1.2 million prize pool.

The big question is, which teams stand a chance to write their own history in PMGC 2020? We don't have to wait long to find out, but we'd still like to guess who we think would make their mark on the PUBG Mobile esports scene.

Up top

It's easy to assume that PMGC 2020 league champions, Four Angry Men (4AM), would be the newest team to take up the mantle as the world's best PUBG Mobile players. Not only did they score the highest number of Chicken Dinners (eight), they also racked up the most kills (298) - contributed aplenty by damage master/survivor 33Svan and league terminator Suk - and ended their league run with a 60-point lead. However, what's lacking in 4AM's department is their consistent performance, shifting between first, fourth and 15th place throughout each Super Weekend.

On the other hand, even though Bigetron RA placed second in PMGC 2020 league, their discipline, skills and teamwork didn't falter in the face of adversity. This is evidenced by their exceptional consistency - never wavering from first place in Super Weekends 1 through 3 - while maintaining the second-highest placement points. For a game that rewards consistency, this tried-and-true play style is what keeps Bigetron RA a strong contender for the PMGC 2020 championship title.

Third- and fourth-placers, RRQ Athena and Konina Power, are almost on par with each other, with a mere one-point difference from each other - 533 and 532, respectively. The PMPL Thailand runner-ups' aggression led them to garner the second-highest kills (tied with Bigetron RA), but the PMWL 2020 West second runner-ups collected seven Chicken Dinners, just one serving behind 4AM.

Also, not forgetting Klas Digital Athletics (formerly Klas Game Esports), who also accrued more than 500 total points to be part of the top 5 dogs. Though they didn't make many headlines throughout the league, the EMEA League runner-ups did manage to get third place twice in the Super Weekends, going almost toe-to-toe against their more experienced apex predators.


After getting third place in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2, Secret Jin (formerly Team Secret TH) have proven themselves forces to be reckoned with. Alas, the Thai team constantly placed between eighth and 13th in every Super Weekend, although they still manage to qualify for every single weekend and still get sixth overall to enter the Finals.

It's a surprise to see Futbolist and Nova XQF outside of the top 5, especially when they're champions of the PMWL 2020 West and Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020, not to mention that the Turkish bagged the top spot in at least three more tournaments. Thus, despite their less-than-stellar performance in PMGC league, their track record proves that they can still gain the upper hand if they can get back their mojo.

What Power888 KPS and Abrupt Slayers share in common, are their potential for greatness, paired unfortunately with their inconsistency. Despite being the winners of PMPL Thailand League and PMPL South Asia Finals, each of them had only one good Super Weekend and placed in the bottom 10 for two weekends; they also missed out on one Super Weekend, which hindered their climb to the top.

Down low

Although these teams are the bottom 6 of PMGC 2020, each of them have the potential to reach the top, as proven by their past performances in other tournaments.

Alpha7 E-sports had a decent enough start in Super Weekend 1, though subsequent rankings fell flat and they failed to qualify for Super Weekend 4, leading to their 11th overall placement. The story is almost reversed for Z3US Esports, who entered every Super Weekend minus the first one, albeit with bottom 6 standings.

For NaVi, despite missing out on a lot of points by failing to qualify for the first two weekends, the EMEA League Champions managed to clutch it out in the final two weeks and secure tickets to the PMGC Finals.

Aerowolf LIMAX and Team Secret both excelled in their national (PMPL MY/SG and PMPL-ID) and regional series (PMPL SEA Finals), so it was a surprise to see the two placing so low in the league stage and being absent from two Super Weekends. Even so, glimpses of their past glory can be seen from time to time, namely Team Secret, who managed to get fifth place in Super Weekend 3.

And lastly, A1 Esports initially didn’t qualify for the PMGC 2020 Finals, but the previous 16th-placed team, Loops Esports were disqualified due to “unsportsmanlike behaviour”. Nonetheless, the Bangladeshi team were the runner-ups of PMPL South Asia, so that's something worth remembering when seeing them on the field.

The PMGC 2020 Finals will begin tomorrow LIVE on Facebook (English|Malay), YouTube (English|Malay) and Twitch (English), with the final Day 4 being broadcast LIVE on eGG Network TV.

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the PMGC 2020 Finals? Let us know in the comments!

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