PMGC 2020: Team Secret reach top 5 in Super Weekend 3, plus overall standings

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 14, 2020

The latest Super Weekend 3 of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020) was an intriguing watch for fans, with its standings diverting from the pattern most of us were accustomed to bring a refreshing change of pace to the international PUBG Mobile tournament.

Super Weekend 3

The biggest takeaway was that for the first time ever, Konina Power (third runner-ups of EMEA League Finals) and Abrupt Slayers (PMPL South Asia champions) took the top 2 spots this Super Weekend, with the squads bagging three and two Chicken Dinners, respectively; the former even had the highest kill volume of 71. It'd be a crime to not point out that Klas Digital Athletics also snagged third place for the second time in a Super Weekend.

For world champions Bigetron RA, they settled for fourth this weekend, resuming the pattern they established last week when they got seventh place during League Play Week 3. But, that did little to diminish the Indonesian powerhouse's exceptional players, with fragger Ryzen winning the weekly MVP title a second time in a row.

It's also worth mentioning that Natus Vincere's debut in a Super Weekend proved to be fruitful, succeeding in appearing on the first page of the top 8 - an impressive feat for a team didn't qualify for any prior Super Weekends. If they perform equally well in Super Weekend 4, they just might make it to the top 16 and advance to the Grand Finals. The same couldn't be said for fellow "newcomers" DRS Gaming though, who got 11th.

Malaysians would be proud to know that their representatives, Team Secret, finally hit some of their stride this Super Weekend. They got one Winner Winner Chicken Dinner to show for it, and iShotz was listed as a top 5 fragger for the first day of Super Weekend 3. They remain a little inconsistent in their performance, with plenty of top 5 placements and equally as many "too soon" rounds, but it's still a step forward in climbing the ladder.

Overall standings

Despite their less-than-stunning performance in Super Weekend 3, Bigetron RA are still holding onto first place in the entire league with a 56-point lead ahead of second-placed Four Angry Men. Klas Digital Athletics' recent stellar gameplay moved them up to the third place, with Konina Power following suit at fourth. RRQ Athena held onto a seat in the top 5, thanks to their decent enough results over the weekend.

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