PMGC 2021: East - Stalwart Esports, The Infinity and Dam Won Gaming Top Weekdays #2

Posted by George Wong on December 9, 2021

The second set of weekday matches for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: East ended last night with a bang - Stalwart Esports winning their second Chicken Dinner of the day (3rd of the week), and placing top 3 in 4 out of 5 matches, talk about being on fire despite their lacklustre Super Weekend #1 performance. Coming in at second is The Inifinity, who topped the first Super Weekend - the Thai squad definitely look on fire this tournament. Dam Won Gaming, who didn't even make it to Super Weekend #1, came in third this week so it looks like they're slowly warming up.

Our Malaysian representatives, Team Secret and 4RIVALS came in 6th and 12th respectively - but as fans we have nothing to worry about, considering how well they played during the first Super Weekend since those are the only points that matter. FaZe and Bigetron RA managed to bounce back this week, so we can look forward to their Super Weekend debut.

Missing this weekend's matches will be Nova Esports, Deadeyes Guys, D'Xavier and BC Swell. Surprising for the first three teams, considering how well they did at Super Weekend #1 but BC Swell's chances at entering the finals look very slim since this will be the second on they sit out.

PMGC 2021: East will resume tomorrow, at 7 PM (GMT +8). Make sure you catch all the action live on Facebook or YouTubeMore info.


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