PMPL MY/SG: Bapak Ah Esports gunning for first place

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 12, 2020

The MasterRamen-helmed team are more determined than ever to adapt and score more Chicken Dinners.

The PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG 2020) has been in full swing since 3 Mar. Both veterans and newcomers have been one-upping each other every day - except Monday, even e-athletes need rest - by securing kills, placements or better yet, Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD) to get those sweet points and advance to the Grand Finals. Among its 24 competing teams, Bapak Ah Esports is arguably one of PMPL MY/SG’s most prolific teams, currently placed second based on last week’s overall standings.

“We are happy about it, but we are still not satisfied with our placement,” Mohamad Nazeri “Trixnity” (or Trix) Shahrin Affan, the captain of Bapak Ah Esports, expressed on behalf of the team. “We could’ve done better last week and gotten first place,” which is now being seated by fellow Malaysians, Team Secret.

“But, it’s okay. It is what it is, and we’re going to try and do better this week.”

The team was founded by Firdaus “MasterRamen” Hashim, the one who got the ball rolling for Malaysian esports. This led to the name he was affectionately given by the community: “bapak ah esports” (“father of esports”), which he also used to name his PUBG Mobile esports team. The current four-player roster is the second coming of Bapak Ah Esports, with two members remaining from last year’s five-player iteration, who are flanker Mohamad Harith “Bard” Iskandar Badrul Hisham and Trix. They were later joined by Aqil “Six” Yusli (fragger) and Muhammad Danny “Jenny” Irfan Bakri (scout).

The captain - who’s also a support - ceased to eat his meal, reflecting on how the previous matches went. “I guess we started a couple of gunfights that we should’ve avoided. So, we’ll focus more on staying alive in the circle instead of getting kills.” Having honed their gun and positioning skills before PMPL MY/SG began, Trix is aware that you need more than gun skills ala John Wick to win the big leagues. “Now we're just focusing on communication, so that we can align better together,” and properly strategise their actions for (hopefully) the best possible results.

The leader is glad that the team has “a whole new mindset compared to last year’s PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: SEA League 2019)”. “We were utterly scared back then,” Trix admitted, with the team placing 19th in the tournament. “Now, we’re more confident with our skills and want to focus on playing the game, have fun.”

All you need to know about PUBG Mobile Professional League MY/SG 2020.

Bapak Ah Esports are slowly regaining their form by dominating Week 2 Day 2.

When you’re up against the best of the best, you know that you’re in for the most intense gunfights of your life, which is pretty much the definition of “fun” for Bapak Ah Esports. “Every team here is strong,” Trix said. “But, if there were anyone we want to defeat, it’s either Yoodo Gank or Team Secret,” because he feels that their points tend to be close to each other every matchday. “I think there’s a healthy rivalry between us.”

Yoodo Gank is locked and loaded for the PUBG Mobile Professional League Spring Split.

Having played the last two days against Groups A and C during PMPL MY/SG, the Group B team started off Week 2 with a slight tumble at 7th place - not without winning one WWCD and 27 kills - on Day 1, before getting 1st place with 37 kills and high average placements on the second day. They'll be off the arena today, and will be back tomorrow to face off Group A once more.

The players of Bapak Ah Esports are


Mohamad Nazeri “Trixnity” Shahrin Affan


Aqil “Six” Yusli


Mohamad Harith “Bard” Iskandar Badrul Hisham


Muhammad Danny “Jenny” Irfan Bakri

A total of 24 teams are competing in the PMPL MY/SG League 2020, battling it out for the much sought-after spots in the SEA Finals by placing in the top 16. The participating teams comprise the top 16 Malaysian and Singapore teams who pulled through the Qualifier Finals, and eight invited teams that range from veterans to promising newcomers:

Malaysian qualified teams

  • Xpert MY
  • Boss Weh
  • Tara Proyecto X
  • Team No Recoil
  • ESG Gaming
  • Axis MPX
  • MissRose Esport Syndicate
  • Last Survivor R2K
  • Tone Wow Esports
  • Ned Brotherhood
  • Dingoz MZ
  • Resurgence MY

Singaporean qualified teams

  • Team H2O
  • Steel Hearts Esports
  • Divinity Esports
  • Impunity Kage

Invited teams

PMPL MY/SG 2020 began on 3 Mar, with the Regular Season concluding on 22 Mar.

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