PMPL MY/SG Grand Finals: The underdog days are over

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 13, 2020

Team No Recoil, Dingoz MZ and Last Survivor R2K are Day 1's chicken dinner winners, with Team Secret winning 2 WWCDs.

The first day of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Spring Split 2020 Grand Finals saw the tides turning in the favour of the underdog teams, most notably Team No Recoil, Dingoz MZ and Last Survivor R2K, each team winning one Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The remaining WWCDs were bagged by Team Secret (twice) and Malaysian fan favourites, Yoodo Gank.

Dingoz MZ (Match 2)

It was Dingoz MZ who kickstarted the luck of the underdogs, with classic Erangel as the backdrop. In the last circle, Dingoz MZ was alive and kicking with a full squad, facing off against the three-man EVOS.ViP in an open area with little cover, as Yoodo Gank's sole survivor, Jumper, tried to scrape by the two battling teams and hoped for the best. On top of their WWCD victory, Dingoz MZ even scored a whopping 22 kills in that single match (they had zero kills last round), with Macel and Nukk featured as the then-top five players with eight and six kills, respectively.

Team No Recoil (Match 4)

In small and sunny Sanhok, Team No Recoil was the last and only team to reach the last circle safely, eliminating the last of Dingoz MZ and Yoodo Gank. The only team (more like, player) left to contest No Recoil was TARA Proyector X's Maffin, who hoped to stay out of the winning team's sights and survive as long as he could with first aid kits to no avail, letting the circle kill him. Aside from scoring the second highest eight kills (eight) in Match 4, Team No Recoil's captain, Stewart9k, was also the top player five matches in a row from the second match onwards.

Last Survivor R2K (Match 5)

The last circle was on Last Survivor R2K's side this round in Erangel. With Team Secret preoccupied in keeping Team No Recoil at bay on the opposite side, Last Survivor R2K went through hell and back to secure their last positions, ironically right next to Team Secret. And when the last circle was revealed, Last Survivor R2K breathed sighs of relief as they correctly predicted the circle, letting it take the lives of Team Secret's Madtoi and BiuBiu, along with Match 5 third-placer Luxxy98 from N.E.D Brotherhood. At the end of the day, Last Survivor R2K is currently placed 10th.

"When it comes to skills and knowledge, all teams are actually almost on par with each other," commented ChuChu, the English caster for PMPL MY/SG 2020 Grand Finals, sticking to her guns from the Grand Finals predictions. She added that maintaining consistency and a strong mindset is what teams should strive for, citing Team Secret as a prime example. "Even though Team Secret is the only team to win two WWCDs in a day, they still want to do better and be the number one team in not just the country or region, but also the world."

The PMPL MY/SG 2020 Grand Finals continues tomorrow 12PM, with the Finals happening the day after on 15 Apr. Catch the live stream on the PUBG Mobile official Facebook page.


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