PMPL MY/SG S2: Final grouping for Week 4

Posted by Bryan Terng on September 9, 2020

More twists happened last week during Week 3 of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 2, so it was expected that the group match-up for Week 4 would look a little different than what we're accustomed to.

Here’s the latest match-up for Group Stage Week 4:

Group A

  1. J8 Esports
  2. N.E.D Broterhood
  3. Flash Vision
  4. EZZY LX
  5. Dingoz MZ
  7. AKA Esports
  8. EVOS ViP

Group B

  1. Yoodo GANK
  2. Geek Fam
  3. Westar Xpert
  4. Kingsmen
  5. Steel Hearts Esports
  6. Team No Recoil
  7. Team Bosskurr
  8. Resurgence MY

Group C

  1. TRX Elementus
  2. Team Secret
  4. Damansara Esports
  5. 8GMT
  6. Powerpuff Girls Gaming
  7. Marlino
  8. Team SMG

This arrangement was decided with the guide that has been used since Week 2, with the current top 6 teams overall split into each group in pairs, and the remaining teams round up the numbers.

PMPL MY/SG S2 features a total of 24 teams be battling it out for the champions’ share of the US$150,000 total prize pool, as well as the best PUBG Mobile professional team title in the Malaysia and Singapore.

The last week of Regular Season commences today (9 September) at 4.30PM (GMT +8) until Sunday (13 September) on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page.

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on PMPL-MY/SG S2.

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