PMPL MY/SG S2: Roster changes that you need to know

Posted by Bryan Terng on August 19, 2020

Change is sometimes necessary for the better, and that same philosophy applies for PUBG Mobile esports too. Many familiar faces are back to claim the throne once again in PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 2, but it's a refreshing sight to see new ones standing out among our favourite teams.

Thanks to the PUBG Mobile Esports Malaysia Facebook page, we have a clearer idea on what roster changes were made for the latest season of PMPL MY/SG:

PMPL MY/SG Season 2 Roster [Part 1]

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Posted by PUBG Mobile Esports Malaysia on Selasa, 18 Ogos 2020

AKA Esports

When the rules for PMPL changed to allow six slots for each team, the PMNC 2020 (PUBG Mobile National Championship Malaysia) top 5 finalists took it upon themselves to add another valuable member to the team: Loo “Looyu” Tze You, who was a member of Season 1 finalists Team No Recoil. They took in more players that have “better tournament experiences” to realise their dream of becoming the top PUBG Mobile team in Malaysia.

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Flash Vision

Formerly known as FV Unbeatable Gaming last season, the name of this Malaysian team wasn't the only thing that has changed since then. Only Grim remains from the old squad, with 420 of Geek Fam, Xarm of Tara Assasino, Saitama and Zack taking over as Flash Vision's newest members. Their slots were previously held by Akiddo, Sleep, AhFatt and Matsabu.

NED Brotherhood

After placing sixth in PMPL MY/SG Season 1 Finals, the promising NED Brotherhood has been upping their game ever since, with two roster changes that may turn the tide to their favour. Both xSamz and Luxxy98 left Brotherhood to join EVOS ViP, with rushers Izz and xSyko taking their place. The former transferred from Traitor Esports, but it's a different case for the latter. "Xsyko has actually been with NED Esports since its formation, just that he was in another squad named NED Assasino (now TARA ASSASINO)," team manager Ahmad Nazim revealed, adding that he knows the team inside out after staying with the team for more than a year. "Both of them have been good additions to the team so far."


For this Malaysian team (who was then known as AXIS MPX), three members from last season's roster has left, which are iKuda, WanTed and Omann. Since then, AXIS NRL MPX have added Joker and Pemburu to their latest line-up to lead the charge. With two support players and three rushers, AXIS are now able to switch between full-on defense and all-out offense, depending on what the situation calls for.

Team No Recoil

Did you know that Team No Recoil's newest captain, Ryan Tan Jin Pang, competed in PMCO 2019 (PUBG Mobile Club Open) Fall Split Global Finals? (Thanks, WTM Today) As a member of Taiwanese team, Unicorn Gaming, not only was he a grand finalist in the world series, but he also won the championship title of the PMCO 2019 Fall Split Wildcard and this year's PMPL Chinese/Taipei Spring Split, making him a valuable addition to Team No Recoil. Joining the in-game leader is rusher Raymond, and together, they just might conquer this season's PMPL MY/SG.⁣

Westar Xpert

A minor name change (formerly XPERT MY) and two player changes is Westar Xpert's latest meta in PMPL MY/SG Season 2. Replacing Sane and Dilan, the pair of scouts, Suprolan and Tmoon, will be joining Xpert with the main purpose of recon and spotting enemies, giving Lord, Qarl and Romeo to pull off their respective roles without worrying about their six.

PMPL MY/SG Season 2 will run for four weeks, with a three-week Regular Season that begins today until 13 September, at 4.30PM daily (GMT +8); the Grand Finals will conclude the regional tournament from 25 – 27 September, and decide who will win the champions share of the US$150,000 prize pool. You can catch the action LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page.

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on PMPL-MY/SG S2.


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