PMPL-MY/SG S4 Grand Final Results

Posted by George Wong on September 26, 2021

After a month of competing, the top teams in the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia Singapore Season 4 made their way to the last leg of the tournament, and today was the final day. Here's a quick rundown of what happened.

Match 1 - Erangel

An exciting standoff in the final moments of the map with 3 teams confined in a block of buildings off the coast of Mylta. It finally boiled down to Team Secret's Fredo vs VXM FanX's Iftar, who unfortunately lost his life accidentally jumping out of the safe zone trying to backstab Fredo, giving his opponent the first win of the day.

Match 2 - Miramar

Geek Fam played a safe and solid round, staying alive as a full squad until the final moments of the map. With the odds stacked in their favour (4 vs 1 vs 1), it was a walk in the park for them to eliminate RSG MY and Team SMG, grabbing them the first WWCD of the day and third of the tournament.

Match 3 - Erangel

Another great game for the 'Fam as their play safe strategy seems to be working out for them. In the final moments, sacrificing DamRUDE to keep SEM9.GANK busy was enough to let the blue circle finish the job, giving Geek Fam their second WWCD of the day!

Match 4 - Sanhok

Geek Fam really turned up today, winning their third Chicken Dinner of the day! We're not sure what they ate this morning but the boys were on fire. With the extra points from their 13 kills this match, they look like the team most likely to bring the trophy home today.

Match 5 - Erangel

What an intense match that ended with only one member left for each squad for the top 2 teams. Team Secret snatched the final Chicken Dinner of the day, getting themselves the second one of the day, and denying Geek Fam their fourth. Team Secret ended the day as they started it. Regardless, it wasn't enough for them to topple Geek Fam, who remain in the top spot.

Congratulations to Geek Fam for winning the PMPL-MY/SG S4 grand finals! This marks the first major victory for the roster, could this be a sign of things to come? We can only hope so.

And that concludes PMPL-MY/SG S4! Some disappointing performances from teams such as Axis RedONE, Yoodo Alliance, RSG MY and HomeBois. They'll have a few months to fix their problems and train for the next season. In the meantime, we'll get to see the top 3 teams in action at the next level of competition - PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 League happening in October. PMPL is far from over, so stay tuned to eGG Network to keep abreast of all the latest updates!


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