PMPL MY/SG Season 2 begins tomorrow

Posted by Bryan Terng on August 18, 2020

A sick trailer for the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 2 dropped at the stroke of 12 last midnight, no doubt to celebrate the beginning of the prestigious tournament tomorrow on 19 August.

PMPL MY/SG Season 2 Official Trailer

24 pasukan telah pun bersedia untuk PMPL MY/SG Season 2, perlawanan untuk hari pertama bakal menjelang! Dengan sebanyak US$150,000 hadiah tunai dipertaruhkan dan juga slot ke PMPL SEA Finals nanti, siapakah yang akan menjadi pemenang PMPL MY/SG Season 2 ini?! Saksikan siaran langsung hari pertama yang akan bermula pada 19 Ogos @ 4.30PM!#PUBGMOBILE #PMPL2020 #PMPLS2 #BeTheOne--Ikuti kami di📘FB: https://bit.ly/PUBGMMYFB 💜IG: https://bit.ly/PUBGMMYIG 🔴YT: https://bit.ly/PUBGMMYYT

Posted by PUBG Mobile Esports Malaysia on Isnin, 17 Ogos 2020

The cool-as-heck teaser features the participating teams of PMPL MY/SG Season 2 - including World League contenders Yoodo Gank and Team Secret, Team SMG (formerly Bapak Ah Esports), Damansara Esports (formerly Last Survivor R2K) and more - looking shady, pulling off shenanigans and the like in a dilapidated warehouse.

PMPL MY/SG Season 2 will run for four weeks, with a three-week Regular Season that runs from tomorrow until 13 September, at 4.30PM daily (GMT +8); the Grand Finals will conclude the regional tournament from 25 – 27 September. You can catch the action LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page.

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on PMPL-MY/SG S2.

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