PMPL MY/SG Season 3: 5 tactics we learned from the pros in Super Weekend 2

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 6, 2021

Bullets, smoke and explosions abounded in last weekend's PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3), with Yoodo Gank currently leading the pack with a 16-point headstart, as well as an epic comeback by Dingoz MPX. And just like Super Weekend 1, the second Super Weekend of PMPL MY/SG Season 3 had its fill of smart plays nicely executed by its professional participants.

Here are some of the tactics that these pro players pulled off:

1. Divide and conquer

Unlike horror films where splitting up is always a bad idea, Yoodo Gank employed this tactic to pure artistry - no wonder why they won their first Super Weekend 2 Chicken Dinner.

It was in Sanhok (first match of Day 1) that the local fan favourites pulled this off, with each member securing a hill of their own in the mountains next to Camp Alpha. To their good fortune, the first few circles were in their favour since the start, so they needn't budge.

Red - Bravo; Green - ManParang; Blue - Draxx; and Orange - Putra.

With the vantage point they had and the top-tier skills of every individual player, they managed to rake in as many as 11 kills from just one locale.

Even when outside the final circles, they stood their ground to snipe and kill steal anyone below them, because they knew they could defend their positions easily.

It was an extremely risky strategy, but as long as they trusted each other to not over-peek and avoid getting knocked down, it's one of the best moves a team can pull off. They also had the high ground, which is almost always good.

Hello from the upper side.

Yoodo Gank also executed this spread during Super Weekend 1 but in Miramar, resulting in huge success as well. Looks like they're aware of how effective this approach can be and repeated it in the latest weekend.

2. Spare no one

Downed opponents may seem harmless at first glance, especially when it's not safe for their friends to revive them, but they can still turn the odds to the team's favour if they're smart about it. So, it can be dangerous to leave them alone in the middle of a fight, something that Team Whales acknowledged at the ending of Day 2 Match 2.

XinB prones his way to the final showdown.

In the final 1v1 battle between XinB and Dingoz MPX's Pemburu (kudos to him as well. We'll touch this next), the Team Whales support player was approaching his opponent when he stumbled across his downed teammates, IronPRO and Appy, whom he swiftly killed.

If XinB was laser-focused on Pemburu, it would've lowered his chances of walking away unscathed. This is because the pair was gathering intel and keeping Pemburu abreast on XinB's actions, so he could better decide what to do.

And on the off-chance that XinB lost the fight against Pemburu (in my opinion, it was a 50-50 face-off), at least he secured two more kill points to aid in their overall standings. Every single point counts!

Even Pemburu did the same, eliminating the downed Looyou for the same reason prior to the showdown.

If XinB lost, at least Team Whales would still have the highest kill count per match in Super Weekend 2.

3. Hello from the other side

Though flanking (attacking from the side) is a cliché gunfight tactic, it's a tried and true method that works better than it sounds, and teams are still using this to great effect, such as Dingoz MPX in two matches.

Pemburu's position is an unorthodox one with no cover, making it the least expected place for Whales to look out for too.

Despite losing to Team Whales in the aforementioned match, Dingoz MPX's Pemburu was actually in a 1v3 situation when Looyou and InSomnus were still alive. However, by peeling away from his teammates, who had Team Whales' undivided attention, Pemburu managed to surprise the pair while lying prone on the flat grassland, evening the odds.

Example #2.

Also, in the finale against Team SMG on the first day of Super Weekend 2, Pemburu and Appy were left to end SMG's last remaining member, Six, who had cover to stay alive.

With no grenades left, Appy ran to the side of Six to get a clear shot of the rusher, catching him off guard when Appy suddenly relocated himself. But of course, it's dangerous to run out in an open field like that, which brings us to ...

4. Run, drop and repeat

The safest way to move (crawling) would no doubt be the slowest way to relocate oneself, as pros and cons go. On the other hand, moving like a tortoise the entire time isn't always conducive, and here's why.

When flanking Team SMG's Six in the previous match, Appy already had the info that A) Six's health is low after damaging him, and B) and his last buddy Bard is probably still knocked down. If Appy played it safe and crawled all the way, Six would heal himself completely and even revive Bard to even the odds.

So, Appy played a dangerous game to run and drop prone repeatedly to close the distance faster. At least when he lies prone, he'll be less visible and harder to shoot at.

Well, it worked in Appy's favour, and Dingoz got their first Chicken Dinner in the Super Weekend.

5. Timing is important

Have you ever gotten a piece of life advice along the lines of "don't wait, the time will never be just right" or "carpe diem"? Well, buck that, because timing your actions can be a matter of loss or victory in the PMPLs.

A prime example would be Team Secret crashing the party in the fourth match of Day 2, where they weren't invited to the get-together between TRX Esports, Dingoz MPX and Team SMG.

The wedding crashers.

Knowing that all of them were inside or around the Bootcamp warehouses, Team Secret waited in the grass for the teams to duke it out first to thin the herd. After Uhigh took the chance to mow down the majority of Team SMG (with TRX indirectly assisting purely out of self-defense), everyone else rushed into the warehouse to finish the deed.

The crazy surprise Uhigh had in store for Team SMG.

If Team Secret decided to ambush earlier, they would've been caught in a crossfire between TRX and SMG, lowering their chances of winning. It's bewildering how a few seconds can be such a game-changer in PUBG Mobile esports.

What other interesting tactics did the PMPL MY/SG S3 teams pull off? Do share your insights in the comments below!

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