PMPL MY/SG Season 3: How the top teams dominated Super Weekend 1

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 1, 2021

The PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3) has been in full swing since last Wednesday (24 March), and it's shaping up to be one of the most interesting PMPLs in the region, with every single team, both seasoned and soon-to-be accomplished, on equal grounds in winning the championship. With plenty of gasp-worthy victories that happened in the crucial Super Weekend 1, we can't help but want to figure out how the apex teams triumphed.

Here's a deep dive of how the current top three Super Weekend teams managed to pull off their winning plays:

Dr Internet Taugeh Ayam Esports (TA): Back-to-back WWCDs

From the get-go of Super Weekend 1, Dr. Internet TA's first two-in-a-row Chicken Dinners were made possible by their conservative play style. Aside from only picking fights when it's necessary, they also like to rotate off the beaten path to avoid confrontations, as evidenced in the first two matches of Day 1.

Day 1 / Match 1 - Sanhok

After twenty minutes of under-the-radar looting/rotation from Sahmee/Na Kham to the unnamed area below Bootcamp, TA made their last stand in a compound area above Pai Nan within the circle, with Team SMG next door in the opposite huts. Despite their presence, TA had a fantastic position to gatekeep and gun down every team in their sights - up to six kills! - until the two teams are left in the final two circles. Near the end, when the circle was revealed to favour SMG, TA's Heyynoob (the MVP in this match) entered enemy territory alone to obtain info on their whereabouts, even when he got knocked down. Followed by a barrage of frag and smoke grenades by TA, this resulted in one of the best plays in the series.

Day 1 Match 2 / Erangel

After dropping/looting at the unusual spot of north Georgopol (normally TA start in Sosnovka Island), they rotated to another unnamed compound area at the corner of Gatka mountain (also known as Georgopol Hills), with the circle in their favour. What ensued is a similar pattern than before: despite TA being surrounded, the opposing teams have the disadvantage of being on flat and vast terrain, rendering them easy targets for TA - now you know why they got 16 kills. Down to the last three teams, the last circles were outside their safe zone. However, in the midst of an intense gunfight between EVOS ViP and Team SMG, TA made haste to safety and eventually lay waste to the pair.

Yoodo Gank - A return to form

The Malaysian fan favourites were aware of their inconsistency during the Weekday 1 matches, which is why for the Super Weekend, they've been working hard to minimise their mistakes. And true to their words, they've been playing the way they're comfortable with and avoided experimenting, resulting in a comeback that fans have been waiting for by winning two Chicken Dinners. Interestingly enough, Miramar was the stage for their most glorious moments.

Day 1 / Match 4 - Miramar

50% cautious, 30% smart and 20% aggressive - that's the (unofficial) formula that Yoodo Gank adopted to win this round. Aside from almost obliterating RSG and finishing off Team SMG, the ManParang-led squad mostly snuck their way to the final circle in El Pozo and avoided confrontations. When the coliseum is in sight, they waited for the right moment to strike its then-occupants, EVOS' LUXXY98 and xSamZ, before utilising it as a rock-solid fort with a 360-degree view to defend themselves. This served as the perfect farming ground for them to harvest the record-breaking number of kills - twenty! And with all four members working together to hold off invaders (Todak PUBG Mobile) and pressure poor souls (Iphonewanted LX), Yoodo Gank's performance was a work of art.

Day 2 / Match 2 - Miramar

The tactic that Yoodo Gank executed here may be risky, but due to everyone committed to being careful, they stood their ground and prevailed. They almost didn't have to move, because the circle was right next to their drop spot of Power Grid, allowing them to focus on positioning themselves optimally on a high ground. Granted that Yoodo Gank were surrounded, and they countered that by splitting up to cover every angle, preventing enemy teams from advancing towards them. A genius move, indeed.

J8 Esports: Three servings in one day

After settling for 15th place in last season's Grand Finals, Boyka's J8 Esports inducted two new players, MaiL and Aniq, into their squad, and it looks like the roster refresh is what they needed to rekindle the spark they had in Season 1. Aniq has proven to be the next player to watch out for, after performing outstandingly well for a PMPL first-timer in Super Weekend 1.

Day 2 / Match 2 - Erangel

Good positioning and timing were the factors that led J8 to their first win. Settling in a housing area next to Ferry Pier's bridge after looting in Novorepnoye (their chosen drop spot), Dr Internet TA may have ambushed them aggressively and even eliminated DamQT, but with Aniq and Zully's quick thinking to locate to the building next door, they had a good view of TA's whereabouts and shot them down from a distance. Later, with Geek Fam and Damansara Flash Vision left, despite being outside the circle, the surviving J8 pair used the little high ground they had to vanquish the rest, with Zully pulling off a miraculous 2v1 clutch against DamRUDE and Miracle.

Day 2 / Match 3 - Miramar

J8 had the circle this time, but they made a high-stakes move by setting up shop in the low-ground compounds near Monte Nuevo, eventually surrounded by enemies. Nonetheless, their strong defense caused them to farm an abundance of damage and kill points, even scaring teams away later on with warning shots until they had some breathing more. In the final few minutes, J8 moved upwards the nearby hill - with a bit of cover thanks to the hilly slopes, as well as JenteraPejuang NSEA getting busy with TA's attacks - to sandwich NSEA with TA before finishing off the latter.

Day 2 / Match 6 - Erangel

J8 wasted no time to rotate the roadside area next to Farm, a movement similar to their first Erangel win. Despite being in an open area with slight elevation on the side as cover, not only were subsequent circles on their side, but they even successfully kill steal a lot of players who were paying attention elsewhere, even holding off Team SMG and Dingoz MPX. When it was finally down to Team Bosskurr and Team Secret, J8 and Bosskurr inadvertently teamed up to finish off the stronger threat. J8 later split up to divide the opposing two-men squad's attention - even using the airdrop crate as cover - and took them out tactically.

What were your favourite moments from Super Weekend 1? Do share them with us in the comments below!

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