PMPL MY/SG Season 3: Who would probably win the Country Finals?

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 22, 2021

Dingoz MPX may be the champions of League Season in Season 3 of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG), but the real battle for the championship title is about to begin tomorrow (23 April). With two slots left to the regional PMPL Southeast Asia Finals Season 3 and US$56,200 of cash prize up for grabs, who would be the one to emerge victorious and be crowned the best PUBG Mobile professional team in the country?

Here's our forecast of which teams stand a chance to claim the throne this Country Finals:

Those with the upper hand

Team Secret

Not that we're catering to the crowd, but it's truly in the facts that Team Secret have the highest probability of winning the Grand Finals. Take a look at the end of every Super Weekend and Weekday - Team Secret were always in the top 10 spot, and even their lowest placement is only seventh. Granted there were times when Team Secret cast us doubt by underperforming several times but in reality, they've been sneaking into the upper half of most matches with kills aplenty. Though they place second in the League, Team Secret's phenomenal consistency could give them the last say.

Dingoz MPX

With a reinvented lineup comprising former AXIS NRL MPX, RSG MY and N.E.D Brotherhood players, Dingoz MPX had a bombastic debut by shooting to the top in the first Weekday matches. On the other hand, their drastic dip in performance in the first Super Weekend sitting at 14th was quite noticeable. However, to give where credit is due, Dingoz picked themselves up almost immediately and swooped to third place in the very next weekend to compensate for that hiccup, not to mention that they have an awesome fragger like Appy to help rake in those precious kills.

Anti Circle

It's nice to acknowledge that an underdog team like Anti Circle could go up against the upper echelons of PMPL MY/SG. Though they skirted around the edge of the top 10 in the first two Super Weekends, what makes Anti Circle stand out is that they never got discouraged by their earlier performances and focused on upping their game, which they did the last weekend - they jumped from ninth to fifth overall in just two days, as well as back-to-back fourth place in the last two Weekday matches to show for it. Plus, with top fraggers like Harm and Sniperman in the squad, they just might have a shot.

Yoodo Gank

Even if Yoodo Gang shockingly didn't qualify for Super Weekend 3, we feel that since they were assured of qualifying for the Grand Finals, they wanted to continue experimenting and expand their play style. After all, they did admit that their earlier lacklustre performance was due to trying out new things, and when they were performing well again, they went back to their old winning ways. We're pretty sure that Yoodo Gank would want to go for gold in the Finals, so they'll be pulling out all the stops to make sure that happens this weekend. And they did have some fantastic plays during the Super Weekends too.

Middling in the middle

Geek Fam

Despite not making any huge headlines like Dingoz or Team Secret, it's worth noting that last season's PMPL SEA finalists brought their consistency game to another level as well. Except for a minor blunder in Weekday 2, they successfully held onto the top 10 spot for every other Weekday and Super Weekend matches. Even so, they never got to penetrate the top 3 barrier, which can be countered as long as they increase their firepower for the Finals.

Dr Internet Taugeh Ayam Esports

Brand new name, but some not so new players (xSyko was from N.E.D Brotherhood and Ziso from TRX Elementus). After barely qualifying for the first Super Weekend, Dr. TA proceeded to blow everyone away with two Chicken Dinners on the first day alone and held second place. Unfortunately, their subsequent performances faltered until the end, though they did enough to stay in the top five, partly thanks to their explosive first week. Even so, they show promise in going far and just need to work on maintaining their composure in the Finals.

J8 Esports

The Boyka-helmed team improved tremendously from the past season, blasting the PMPL MY/SG doors open with three Chicken Dinners in a single day during Super Weekend 1. Having said that, they slumped severely the following week and didn't advance to the next weekend matches, so they were probably mentally worn out from such a fantastic performance. Looks like they'd need to work on their consistency more if they want to win, and well-balanced players are rewarded better in the long run.

Team SMG

The previous PMPL SEA Finalists haven't been performing as outstandingly as before, but enough to place sixth and progress to the final round. They displayed glimpses of greatness in Super Weekend 2, but ultimately, they had their fair share of "too soons" throughout the League Season and balanced it out with a few excellent matches that brought them to the top 10 overall standings. The aggressive Team SMG probably have to play a little more cautiously in the Finals to make sure they stay in the running.

In spite of the above, as the casters of PMPL like to say: every single team are on equal grounds of dominating the championship, no matter what prediction anyone has. The one thing that's guaranteed though, is that every single one of us will be on the edge of our seats tomorrow onwards when the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals arrive.

Catch the action tomorrow until Sunday (23 - 25 April) at 5.30PM (GMT +8) daily, LIVE on the PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as WeTV.

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