PMPL MYSGPH S5 Week 1 Results: Dingoz Rule!

Posted by George Wong on March 28, 2022

The first week of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia Singapore Philippines Season 5 (PMPL MYSGPH S5) concluded last night, with some very surprising results. Here’s the overall leaderboard for the first week:

Dingoz Esports was on fire last week - in more than half of their 20 matches, they finished on the podium with 2 Chicken Dinners. Firing on all cylinders since the beginning, they kept up their level of gameplay throughout all 5 days. If Dingoz maintains their form for the remaining 2 weeks, they will definitely be competing in the grand final. Not far behind them are HomeBois, R2K, Bosskurr, Tabah NSEA and Yoodo Alliance-4Rivals.

Moving on from the first page, it’s surprising to see a number of big names here, hanging out the bottom of the leaderboard. Team Secret, SEM9, RSG MY, and Team SMG haven’t been looking too hot. Maybe they’re taking a leaf out of Secret’s playbook of starting slow and ramping up as the weeks pass? Perhaps.

Closing out the leaderboards are the newcomers from Singapore and Phillippines - ALMIGHTY and KHI Esports. They will have to step up their game if they intend to make the finals because it’s not looking good for them. If they want motivation, they need to look no further than the words of HomeBois IronPro during the post-match interview, “KHI Esports, thank you for donating the points to us!”.

Week 2 will see the teams starting again from zero, giving them another chance at making it to the top of the leaderboards. How will they fare? Make sure to tune into the action live on Facebook and YouTube. Replays will also be broadcast on eGG Network TV.


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