PMPL SEA Championship S3 Power Rankings

Posted by George Wong on May 21, 2021

The PUBG Mobile SEA Championship Season 3 starts this evening and it's going to be a gruelling 3 days for the 16 teams involved in the tournament. All the best teams in the region are coming together in a massive bloodbath - 18 rounds to be played, which means 18 Chicken Dinners and hundreds of kills to be scored. In the end, we can only have one champion. Who is it going to be? We're no experts at predicting, but it's fun to do so anyway. If you're looking for a team to root this weekend, here are our top picks for securing the season 3 Championship.

Our pick to Win

Bigetron RA - it's hard not to root for these guys. Since the debut of the squad in 2018, they have consistently walked away with first place finishes more often than not. Even after some roster changes not too long ago, the core trio of Zuxxy, Luxxy and Ryzen has managed to keep the fire going and it doesn't look like it's extinguishing soon. The team won the previous PMPL Sea Championship, the latest PMPL-ID regular season, and finished second in the country finals. If you want a shining example of consistency, you can look no further than Bigetron RA. Expect them to walk away with the trophy or at least finish near the top.

Strong Contenders

EVOS Reborn, Aura Esports, Valdus The Murder, Geek Fam MY, The Infinity, Infinity IQ,, FaZe Clan

These guys have had pretty consistent results throughout the season and recent tournaments, and are also likely contenders for the throne. Expect them to give the other teams a challenge this weekend and finish in the upper half of the leaderboard.

Middle of the Pack

LIVESCAPE, Eagle Esport, Dingoz MPX, HVNB, RSG Malaysia

These teams have been playing well enough to reach this stage, but are relatively new/inexperienced or just haven't been very consistent. There's a chance they do well, but we think they will most likely fall in the lower half of the leaderboard.

Potential Dark Horses

DemiGod Incognito, Orange PLAY, JoinMe Yellow

Coming from the PMCO Wildcard qualifiers, they haven't had much time in the spotlight and there's hardly any info about them. They played well enough to qualify for the SEA Championship, so they definitely have the potential to succeed. With the added benefit of flying under the radar, they might come in unexpectedly to swoop the trophy. Will they show their true colours this weekend? We'll just have to wait and see.

The PMPL Sea Championship Season 3 starts this evening, at 5 pm, catch it live on the PUBG Mobile Facebook Page. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates.


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