PMPL SEA Finals 2020: Congratulations to Yoodo Gank & Day 3 Recap

Posted by George Wong on May 3, 2020

Yoodo Gank shows us who the kings of SEA are.

Based on the results of the previous two days, it’s no surprise that the winners for PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA Finals 2020) are Yoodo Gank! If anyone deserved first place this weekend, it was them. Displaying stellar performances, match after match, the Malaysian PUBG Mobile squad played phenomenal this weekend. With five Chicken Dinners and a score of 126 kills (the only team to surpass 100 kills), Yoodo Gank completely outclassed the competition - second place wasn’t even close.

In addition to the $30,000 prize, Yoodo Gank have also secured an invitation to PUBG Mobile World League: Spring 2020 - East, where they will be one of six SEA representatives to go against other teams from the eastern part of the world. Look forward to Yoodo Gank on the big stage!

Other notable performances today include Bigetron RA who ended up in 2nd place. The team played out of their minds in Match 12 - a must-watch replay if you’re a Bigetron RA fan. While they weren’t very flashy for most of the tournament, they placed very well the whole weekend, never getting knocked out before 9th place.

Third and fourth were the Thai favorites - King Of Gamers Club and RRQ Athena, who had a solid showing all weekend, while fifth place was Team Secret who looked pretty underwhelming despite their single win yesterday. After their topnotch showing at the MY/SG Finals, it seemed like they eased up on the gas pedal this weekend. Fortunately, they don’t have to worry too much as they have already qualified for PMWL.

Showmatch - Vikendi

For the first time this weekend, we don’t have HuGay and Kelvin in the finals. Instead, the remaining three players came down to RRQ Athena’s Beer, Bad Boy’s Kuvet, and TalenT’s Madara. This time, they took it much more seriously, with no time for pan shenanigans. RRQ Athena’s Beer stepped it up and won the match - about time, after being a featured player all weekend. Was this a sign of things to come for this team today? (spoiler: nope)

Match 11 - Erangel

An unlucky start for Team MORPH, who found themselves eliminated first. The remaining fifteen teams converged towards the Ruins as the circle continued shrinking. This lead to multiple skirmishes breaking out on different areas, with ILLUMINATE The Murder (ILMN) being the next to be taken out by Malaysian favorites, Yoodo Gank. The final moments turned into another match of hide-and-seek, with teams taking cover in the grass and shooting blindly at each other. However, Yoodo Gank kept their calm and managed to take out all their opponents, collecting their fourth Chicken Dinner, this time with 18 kills to boot.

Match 12 - Miramar

After a calm start, the match eventually turned into a slugfest on a hillside between Bigetron RA and King Of Gamers Club. The Indonesian squad managed to deny KOG from their third chicken dinner by pulling off an impressive win despite being stuck on the low ground. Bigetron RA’s Zuxxy ended the match with a whopping 12 kills - more than half of his team’s combined score of 22. With this victory, Bigetron RA catapulted themselves from 6th to 4th in the group standings. Looks like there are still signs of life for teams outside of the top three.

Match 13 - Sanhok

Sanhok’s smaller size always makes for entertaining matches and today was no exception. Late into the match, the remaining six teams found themselves on another hillside battle, with all of Team Secret’s players in an advantageous position on the high ground. However, that wasn’t enough as their hopes to win a second Dinner were dashed by Yangon Galacticos (YG) who executed the Malaysian squad without much difficulty. While it was a great achievement for YG, they were still a long way from a podium finish.

Match 14 - Sanhok

The second last match of the day started with all the teams scrambling to grab themselves some loot on the small island. All sixteen teams stayed alive until the 18th minute when two teams were eliminated at the same time by ILMN. However, the early momentum wasn’t enough to propel them to a deep finish. For the final two teams, it was down to YG and Yoodo Gank. The Burmese squad put up a good fight but alas, it wasn’t enough and Yoodo Gank earned yet another Chicken Dinner.

Match 15 - Vikendi

While Yoodo Gank sat comfortably on top of the leaderboards, the final match of the day had the other teams trying their best for a podium finish. Most of the teams played extremely cautiously, with 10 teams alive even after 20 minutes into the match. Suddenly, without warning, fights broke out all across the map, turning the match into a five-team showdown within a matter of minutes. As the fights continued, three unlikely teams found themselves as the remaining survivors - Team MORPH, Bigetron RA, and Orange. Team MORPH held their ground and emerged winners of the final match, pushing themselves up to sixth place on the overall standings. RRQ Athena’s early elimination this match (at 15th place) also caused the Thai favorites to lose their third-place spot.

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