PMPL SEA Finals 2020: Day 1 Recap

Posted by George Wong on May 1, 2020

Day one is over with some clear favorites at the top - but can they keep it up for the whole weekend?

The first day of the PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA Finals 2020) ended with most of the expected teams on top of the leaderboard. Yoodo Gank and King Of Gamers Club impressed everybody by winning two Chicken Dinners each, while RRQ Athena picked up the remainder. Some teams have yet to find their footing but they still have two full days of matches to show up. It’s going to be a test of endurance for the top teams to maintain their positions and keep them away from their rising competitors.

Showmatch - Sanhok

The day started off with a bang, putting all the players in a free for all deathmatch mode - Solo King on Sanhok. The match was an all-out brawl, culminating in a standoff between Team BOX’s HuyGa, Team TalenT’s Pino, and Bad Boy’s Kelvin who switched to pans for the final encounter. Kelvin emerged the victor which, unfortunately, was his team’s only notable achievement for the day. No prizes for him, but it was a good warm-up for the players.

Match 1 - Erangel

Yoodo Gank was the first team to claim the Chicken Dinner for the day, with standout performances from ManParang and Jumper (their captain and scout). The team managed to stay alive and eliminate the competition in a crowded crossfire battle between the top five teams towards the end of the match (one where Team Secret’s MADTOI hilariously managed to keep his presence hidden from the opponents for the longest time). Keeping their cool and picking off their opponents methodically, Yoodo Gank started the day off on the right foot.

Match 2 - Erangel

The second match started off with some intense skirmishes but quickly transformed into a test of patience for the remaining four teams. They found themselves on a big open field and were trying to stay hidden in the grass while taking shots at each other. Ultimately, King Of Gamers Club emerged victorious, taking out the players of RRQ Athena in a 2v2 showdown. KOG Braga earned player of the match for his 6-kill performance.

Match 3 - Miramar

The third match kicked off slowly (excluding a notable 318 range kill by Orange's AstroPlay early on) with all sixteen teams still in the game until the 14th minute when King Of Gamers Club, winner of the previous match, were the first to be eliminated. Typical for a map like Miramar, the final three teams faced off from opposite ends of yet another wide-open space in the ever-shrinking circle. In the end, RRQ Athena prevailed, making short work of ILLUMINATETheMurder’s single remaining player.

Match 4 - Sanhok

This match started off with three teams (Bigetron AROV, Morph, and BOX) landing in the same compound - Bootcamp - and fighting for dominance. Unfortunately for Bigetron AROV, they were the first to lose, while Morph and BOX remained in a stalemate for the majority of the game. At 17 minutes, Golden Cat invaded the area, picking off Morph's members and eliminating BOX Gaming in the process. As the circle closed in, KOG, RRQ Athena, TalenT, and Yoodo Gank found themselves in another hectic gunfight, amongst trees and hills. In the end, KOG managed to hold firm and secure themselves their second Chicken Dinner.

Match 5 - Vikendi

To end the day, the teams kicked off the final match at a slower pace, taking their time to loot and advance through the map. While there were a few kills at the beginning of the game, the large number of teams remaining in an increasingly small area raised the stakes as the clock ticked on. Towards the end of the match, the battlefield was covered in smoke, fire, and bullets but when the dust finally settled, Yoodo Gank emerged as victors. After an intense fight with RRQ Athena, the squad earned their second Chicken Dinner - a fitting conclusion after winning the very first Chicken Dinner of the day.

The PMPL Sea Finals 2020 will resume tomorrow at 3.30PM (GMT+8) and the final day on Sunday. Be sure to catch the live stream on the PUBG Mobile Facebook Page and stay tuned to eGG Network for more coverage!


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