PMPL SEA Finals 2020: Day 2 Recap

Posted by George Wong on May 2, 2020

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand dominate the leaderboards with one more day to go. Can they keep it up?

Day two of the PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA Finals 2020) saw Yoodo Gank, RRQ Athena, and King Of Gamers Club maintaining their positions on the leaderboard, while a slight shift occurred with the remaining teams. Team Secret and ILLUMINATE The Murder, managed to win Chicken Dinners today, and jumped to 4th and 5th respectively. Bigetron RA, Team MORPH, and Team TalenT tied with Orange Esports, rounded up the remainder of the top eight.

After struggling for the first eight matches, Team Secret seems to have finally found their footing at the end of the day. Will they be able to maintain their momentum tomorrow? Or will ILLUMINATE The Murder steal their thunder? Could Bigetron RA and Team MORPH swoop in and steal the Dinners from their opponents? Can Yoodo Gank, RRQ Athena and KOG keep their hot streaks? If teams are saving strats, now's a good time to reveal them.

For the rest of the teams, it’s going to be a herculean task to finish on the winner’s podium - they would have to win five Chicken Dinners in a row, with the teams ahead of them getting eliminated before scoring any kills. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s quite improbable.

Showmatch - Erangel

As usual, the day kicked off with another fun warm-up for all the players involved. BOX HuyGa and Bad Boy’s Kelvin ended up in the top three again, this time with Yoodo Gank’s Fredo rounding out the third spot. As the circle closed in, the three players crawled around the map, taking stealthy shots at one another. Unfortunately, Fredo popped his head out for a moment too long and was immediately taken out. It then turned into a pan fight, with HuyGa coming out victorious and denying Kelvin’s second Solo King win.

Match 6 - Erangel

Things started off quiet enough, with BOX Gaming being eliminated during the looting phase but the remaining teams stayed alive and well until about 15 minutes when skirmishes started breaking out around the map. As the teams all converged into the Mansion area, the action ramped up, with teams making more tactical manoeuvres to outplay their opponents. Multiple three-way fights took place, eliminating a number of teams within a short time. As the dust settled, RRQ Athena, Orange, Yoodo Gank, and Yangon Galacticos (YG) remained in the top four, and the match turned into a grassy shoot-fest. RRQ Athena managed to pull off a win and earned their second Chicken Dinner of the event.

Match 7 - Miramar

Another slow start until about 15 minutes in, Orange was eliminated, their earliest knockout of the tournament. However, as the game picked up, six teams found themselves at a standoff in a wide-open hilly area, with Team MORPH, ILLUMINATE The Murder (ILMN) and King Of Gamers Club in an advantageous high ground position. Unsurprisingly, those three teams were the last ones standing, and after a long skirmish, ILMN emerged victorious to grab their very first Chicken Dinner.

Match 8 - Miramar

Like in previous Mirama matches, teams took their time looting and moving towards the direction of Los Leones. The action started picking up towards twenty minutes, with multiple teams getting knocked out within seconds of each other. For the remaining eight teams, the match transformed into a hectic battle on a steep hillside, with YG, Bigetron AROV and ILMN securing an advantageous high ground position to take on their opponents. The final two teams turned into an all-Malaysian showdown - Bigetron AROV vs Yoodo Gank, with the former team winning and clinching their first Chicken Dinner of the tournament.

Match 9 - Sanhok

For the smallest map of the day, there was action from the get-go. ILMN started off the match well by eliminating ONIC Esports first despite the latter team having an initial advantage. The team’s luck kept up as they ended up being one of the few teams within the shrinking circle, while the majority of the teams had to scramble across rivers and choke points to make it to safety. Team Secret took advantage of this and scored multiple kills during the migration. Eventually, the confined battlezone turned into another all-Malaysian showdown. This time, Yoodo Gank triumphed over Team Secret to grab their third Chicken Dinner - with a flawless match score of 10 kills and 0 deaths.

Match 10 - Vikendi

Stakes were high in the last match of the day, with teams moving slowly towards the Dino Park. While there were a few kills here and there, most of the teams stayed alive until 16 minutes when Thai favorites, ILMN, lost their first skirmish, sending them packing for the day. The action picked up again after 20 minutes when Team Secret took out Malaysian favorites - Yoodo Gank in a fiery engagement, however, this left them at a disadvantageous position, surrounded by multiple opponents. Fortunately, they managed to fend off attackers and found some room to breathe in a better location. With three players alive and the high ground advantage, Team Secret easily took out the remaining Team MORPH for their very first Chicken Dinner, ending the day on a good note.

Tune in for the final day of the PMPL Sea Finals 2020 tomorrow at 4PM (GMT+8). Be sure to catch the live stream on the PUBG Mobile Facebook Page and stay tuned to eGG Network for more coverage!


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