PMPL SEA Finals 2020: Malaysian teams feast on 3 more chicken dinners

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 2, 2020

Morale is higher for Yoodo Gank, Team Secret and Bigetron AROV after winning one WWCD each on Day 2.

The warm up of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Finals Spring Split 2020 Day 1 is forgotten as quickly as Day 2 ended today, with one day left to go for the tournament’s conclusion. Only the Thai and Malaysian teams have scored their share of Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD) so far, and three teams in particular popped their first ever chicken dinners today for the first season of PMPL SEA Finals 2020 - what’s more, two of them were Malaysian!

From zeroes to heroes

Bigetron AROV may have placed second last yesterday, but that’s now just a bad dream after winning their first WWCD today at dusty and mountainous Miramar in Match 8. What changed? “We focused on communicating more in-game this time, especially when we got knocked down plenty just now,” captain Boyka of Bigetron AROV revealed, explaining that they coordinate with each other on when to either revive the fallen or finish off their direct opponents.

Bigetron AROV towers over the other teams by securing the high ground during the final circle.

The most prominent issue that Bigetron AROV needs to fix soon is their consistency. Aside from their chicken dinner, they were knocked out early for their other matches, with bottom 6 placements for three matches. But, with a tenacity to go head-to-head with the region’s best teams, they still have a chance to climb the ranks even higher.

Discovering new formulas

Maintaining fifth spot, Team Secret is the last Malaysian team to finally win their first WWCD - plus a whopping volume of 15 kills - in the final match of the day at Vikendi, not to mention that it was a victory that was hard fought to the teeth. Many teams seemed to be out for Team Secret’s blood here, with the BiuBiu-led team getting third-partied and ambushed aplenty right after they survived their onslaughts, although they managed to fend them off to live another few precious minutes.

Despite facing a lot of ambushes and third-party teams in Match 10, Team Secret took our breaths away by clutching kills after kills and still survive.

Overall, they’re still quite inconsistent, either getting knocked out early in the bottom 6 twice today, or placing in the top 5 for the others to compensate. And apparently, there’s a reason for that.

“We’re trying out new strategies, which is why we’re inconsistent in our performance lately,” captain BiuBiu disclosed, leaving out the formula of their secret experiments except for one: switching up their drop points. During PMPL MY/SG, they favoured dropping in the middle of the map or circle. But for the PMPL SEA Finals, they like to drop at the edge, and factor in their flight paths before deciding on an area. “It’s a completely new play style we’re trying out.”

The iron giants

Finally, Malaysia’s favourite PUBG Mobile team, Yoodo Gank, stands firm in first place. Steadily placing in the top 10 (bar one match) and bagging 35 kills in the PMPL SEA Finals Day 2, they even won their third WWCD in tiny Sanhok.

With only tress and foliage as cover, Yoodo Gank downed third-placer Team Secret first before finishing off Blacklist International.

Although the Yoodo esports team largely stuck to their signature tactic of edging just outside the circle, they switched up their movements from time to time to be a little more unpredictable, while continuing their new aggressive-but-tactical play style. “We aim to be consistent and stay within the top 5 standings,” said Fredo, Yoodo Gank’s fragger. He later added that getting WWCD is a bonus for the team, implying that they’re more focused on getting kills, which means more heart-stopping action for the fans. It’s a strategy that they should continue so far, especially when they’re aggressive play style has improved drastically from their time in the PMPL MY/SG 2020 Grand Finals.

The likelihood of Yoodo Gank advancing to the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 East Division is high, with Team Secret already qualifying for PMWL 2020 as the champions of PMPL MY/SG 2020. The burning question now is whether Bigetron AROV are able to up their ante to secure a top 5 spot in time. Fortunately, we wouldn’t have long to wait long.

The PMPL SEA Finals 2020 concludes tomorrow at 3.30PM (GMT+8). Be sure to catch the live stream on the PUBG Mobile official Facebook page, and follow eGG Network on Facebook for more in-depth coverage of the tournament.


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