PMPL SEA Finals 2020: Yoodo Gank dominates Day 1

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 1, 2020

The Yoodo-backed esports team proved once again why they're Malaysia's most beloved PUBG Mobile squad.

The PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asian (PMPL SEA) Finals Spring Split 2020 Day 1 went by in a flash, as the 3-day tournament began early this evening. With Thailand’s RRQ Athena and King of Gamers Club and Malaysia’s Yoodo Gank currently in the top three spots, us PUBG Mobile esports fans were treated to a feast of high IQ plays and superhuman-like reflexes on the launch day of PMPL SEA Finals 2020. But, no one else would be prouder than the citizens of Malaysia, with their favourite team placing first on Day 1.

Ganking the top spot

Bagging two Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs) for Match 1 and 5, 36 kills and consistently placing in the top 10 for all five matches today, it’s a huge leap in improvement for Yoodo Gank after placing second in the Grand Finals of PMPL MY/SG (Malaysia/Singapore) Spring Split 2020, especially when they’re facing off against the best PUBG Mobile teams across SEA.

Throughout the day, they’ve mostly employed their signature strategy of staying outside the circle, focusing on dominating late game after the herd has been thinned out. Their aggressive approach has been fine tuned to conquer today’s matches, killing more than 10 players in the two matches they’ve won, even besting PUBG Mobile world champions, Bigetron RA in the final circle of Match 1 in Erangel. In between gun fights, they emphasise on strategic rotations and fortifying their areas, but not without sending Jumper to scout out for potential threats.

Match 1

Match 5

“We were so focused on just playing the game before we realised that there few teams left,” said captain Manparang, adding that they weren’t expecting to win so many WWCDs. Fragger Fredo revealed that they have an idea of which areas would be claimed by certain teams after scrimming with them a couple of times, and predict the best places for them to secure.

“That’s why we were caught off-guard in Match 2 and got knocked out early,” Fredo said, citing the time they unexpectedly bumped into Vietnam’s BadBoy and got eliminated. Nevertheless, they kept their heads held high, and outsmarted King of Gamers Club in the climax of Match 5 with their high-ground in-circle position.

Not big on the leaderboards ... yet

Team Secret were dubbed "the kings of Miramar" after winning three WWCDs in the sandy map during PMPL MY/SG Grand FInals 2020.

In other news, fellow countrymen Team Secret are currently placed fifth, steadily maintaining their placement in the top 10 sans Match 3 while accumulating a fair kill volume of 23 kills. The issue they ran into the most, was getting sandwiched between enemy teams several times, which usually resulted in their early demise.

Bigetron AROV placed third in PMPL MY/SG Grand Finals 2020, scoring two WWCDs.

And on the flip side, Bigetron AROV is holding on at 15th place, usually with either Hijrah or Zully as the last man standing to play the sneaky tactic, attempting to get the highest possible placements. “Our morale is currently low, but we all have our own ups and downs,” said Bigetron AROV team manager, Terence "icybaby12" Yong. “But when it’s a competition, it matters to us to a point that it’s “do or die”. We don’t have time to mope around, and we have to trust each other to keep moving forward.”

With Yoodo Gank currently in first place, they’re one step closer to joining Team Secret at the PUBG Mobile World League Spring Split (PMWL) 2020 Eastern Division. But don’t forget, literally anything can happen in the next 10 matches. Will Yoodo Gank keep their cool and maintain their top two placement?

The PMPL SEA Finals 2020 continues tomorrow 3.30PM (GMT+8), with the Finals happening the day after on 3 May. Catch the live stream on the PUBG Mobile official Facebook page.


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