PMWL 2020 East: The confirmed group placements of League Play

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 13, 2020

The Opening Weekend of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 Season Zero East Division ended as quickly as it began, which was held over the weekend (11 - 12 July). But, the good news is, the excitement for PMWL 2020 East will resume again, from tomorrow onwards!

Based on the standings of the PMWL 2020 East Opening Weekend, here are the confirmed groupings of the 20 participating teams in League Play:

Group A

Bigetron RA
Box Gaming
No Chance Team
Free Style

Group B

Orange Rock
Morph Team
Valdus The Murder

Group C

Yoodo Gank
U Level Up
GXR Celtz
Nova Esports

Group D

RRQ Athena
Team Secret
Reject Scarlet
TSM Entity

Group E

King of Gamers Club

Points accrued from the Opening Weekend will not contribute to the teams' overall standings in PMWL 2020 East, and were merely used to determine group placements in League Play. However, the competition starts getting serious as we enter the three-week league phase tomorrow (14 July), comprising of two segments: League Play (every Tuesday and Wednesday) and Super Weekend (every Friday and weekend).

Two days of League Play will be held every week, with the top 16 teams progressing to each week's three-day Super Weekend - this process repeats itself every week. Points earned during Super Weekend are crucial, because it'll determine which 16 teams will advance to the League Finals. So, it would cost dearly for the bottom four teams that fail to qualify for Super Weekend, because they won't be able to collect the necessary points to enter the Finals.

PMWL 2020 East continues tomorrow, with the League Finals concluding the global competition on 9 August. The East division will be broadcast on the eGG Network TV channel, but Internet users can also catch the thrill on Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook for more PMWL 2020 East coverage.


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