PUBG Global Invitational.S: Biggest offline PUBG esports festival announced for 2021

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 24, 2020

Thanks to the current world crisis, the hotly-anticipated PUBG Global Series (PGS) was postponed to curb the pandemic, with the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) taking its place in a wholly-online format. With vaccines for COVID-19 already underway, it's no wonder that PUBG esports couldn't hold its breath long enough to announce the return of the world's biggest PUBG offline event - the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI.S).

PGI.S expands upon the PUBG Global Series, turning it into an eight-week PUBG esports festival (the longest PUBG event ever) that'll not only invite 32 of the world's top PUBG professional teams to battle each other for the championship title, but it'll also be open to gamers from all four corners of the globe to join the festivities in South Korea.

A whopping US$3.5million prize pool will be up for grabs, in addition to profits earned from the Pick'em challenge, where players vote for the winning teams in probably the same fashion as PCS Two.

There is two stages in PGI.S: Weekly Survival and Weekly Final, which is a little similar to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020) format, but with a couple of major differences. Before the first phase, preliminary "Rank Decision" matches will be held to determine the top 16 teams to advance to the 16-match Weekly Survival round on weekdays. 16 teams who bagged Chicken Dinners will earn cash prizes and progress to the 10-match Weekly Finals. The second phase will reward even more prize money that depends on team performances - the team who earned the most prize money after eight weeks will be crowned the champions of PGI.S.

With the event going offline and refusing to take any chances, the organisers will be taking strict measures to ensure everyone is quarantined for two weeks and confirmed to be risk-free, including competing teams.

PGI.S will take place from 2 February to 28 March next year.


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