PUBG Mobile 1.0: Biggest update releases today, adds Malay language

PUBG Mobile 1.0: Biggest update releases today, adds Malay language

Sep 08, 2020 Bryan "soupykambing" Terng  

PUBG Mobile version 1.0 is finally here, and Tencent Games have delivered pretty much all the additions and improvements they promised a few weeks ago for the latest update, including New Erangel.

On top of the upgrades they’ve implemented in PUBG Mobile 1.0, they even added the Malay language (Bahasa Melayu/BM) as another extra feature to the game. With the mobile battle royale topping the charts in Malaysia, it’s a welcome upgrade that makes the game more inclusive and accessible to their fans.

Here’s a glimpse of how PUBG Mobile 1.0 looks like now:

Game lobby with BM enabled
Social lobby.
Head on over to Settings to change to BM.

For the full list of upgrades Tencent Games has made with PUBG Mobile 1.0, you can check them out here:

PUBG Mobile: New Erangel arrives 8 September with Version 1.0

Tencent Games reveal PUBG Mobile Global Championship and biggest PUBG Mobile update, Version 1.0

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