PUBG Mobile 1.1.0 will take up less space on your phone

PUBG Mobile 1.1.0 will take up less space on your phone

One of the biggest drawbacks about PUBG Mobile is its hefty size – when your phone is full of other games, photos and videos, it’s annoying to have the constant reminder that your storage is running low. Well, the latest update for PUBG Mobile aims to solve that problem. The new update is said to reduce the amount of space taken by 70% while keeping the full game experience intact.

You might ask, what’s the catch? There seems to be none at the moment. When you’re playing PUBG Mobile now, you can choose which maps or modes you want on your phone at all times. This means that the game can be as large or as small as you want it to be. If you find yourself only playing one map, you’re in luck – there’s no need to download anything extra. Though if you find yourself needing to download another map to play with some buddies, you can easily delete when you’re done.

Sounds like a great way to make this game more accessible, especially when trying to introduce it to newer players. It’s never fun making someone download over a gigabyte worth of game files to try out a game they may or may not enjoy.

Make sure you update PUBG Mobile on your phone to take advantage of this latest feature. The update is available now for Android and iOS.

And for those of you wondering what Biubiu was teasing on his Instagram a few days ago when he appeared with ManParang, it turns out to be from this promo video for the update, though we can’t help but wonder if they still have anything up their sleeves. The video also features an introduction from members of Team SMG, check it out above!

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