PUBG Mobile 1.3: Karakin map arrives with Sticky Bomb, destructible walls and rocket launchers

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 8, 2021

If you thought Miramar is too big for your liking, then you'd enjoy the next big update 1.3 for PUBG Mobile, which will be introducing the all-new Karakin map. A never-before-seen combination of Miramar's desert-like terrain and Sanhok's compact environment, Karakin will also be bringing in new game-changing features that distinguishes it further from other maps.

New environmental mechanics

For the first time ever in PUBG Mobile history, certain walls in the 2km x 2km map are so thin that they can be shot through with bullets ala Valorant, and are able to be destroyed with specific explosives (we'll get to this soon). Plus, purple zones (called Demolition Zones) now exist in Karakin, and are arguably deadlier than the red ones we're accustomed to - they literally destroy random buildings within the zone, so stay away from the indoors of supposed safety; it'd be bad news for you if enemy players were nearby though, so beware.

New weapons

The Sticky Bomb and the Panzerfaust rocket launcher are the latest additions to PUBG Mobile's arsenal, exclusive to Karakin for the right reasons. As the name dictates, the former is an adhesive grenade that can stick to walls; and the Panzerfaust is a weapon - found in both air-drops and ground loot though rare - that launches rockets that explode upon impact and deals high damage, at the cost of damaging any teammates behind with its blowback. Both are capable of blowing up the aforementioned thin walls that allows more tactical advantage, as well as discovering hidden areas that house more precious loot.

With Karakin's release, the Vikendi map will be temporarily unavailable in Classic Mode. If you really miss the snowy map, you can create a custom room and still enjoy Vikendi.

Just last week we got wind that a special Godzilla vs. King Kong mode will be clawing/pounding its way to Tencent Games' mobile battle royale soon. This was announced alongside PUBG Mobile's milestone of garnering one billion downloads worldwide.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and dive into Karakin today!


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