PUBG Mobile Cheat Makers to Pay $10 Million Fine

Posted by George Wong on January 8, 2022

For those of you tired of cheaters running rampant in PUBG Mobile, it looks like Tencent and Krafton, the creators of the game are doing something about it. They recently announced that the Federal Courts in the United States and Germany have ruled in their favour in their cases against a certain hacking group.

Members of the group, who were behind the creation and distribution of hacks for one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, now have to cease future illegal activities involving game cheating, as well as provide details of how they exploited PUBG Mobile and about any collaborators. On top of that, they have to pay Tencent Games and Krafton $10 million in damages. We're not sure if they made that much money selling the hacks in the first place, but that ought to put a dent in their bank accounts.

This victory is only one of the many lawsuits they have going on right now and it won't be the last. PUBG Mobile will be putting the money back into the game with further development of anti-cheating technology to identify and punish players who utilize such programs.

While this isn't the end of hacking as we know it, it's going to be a major deterrent for the not-so-brave, and will probably scare some folks away from using it. Regardless, it's still steps toward a more level playing field for everyone involved. Hopefully, one day, we can blame all our losses on being outplayed instead of easily obtainable hacks.


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