PUBG Mobile guide: Molotov cocktail tips that'll probably save your life

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 18, 2021

This article is part of a series of PUBG Mobile mini-guides from your eGGcellent friends at eGG Network, to help level up your mobile battle royale prowess with bite-sized tips that are quick yet nutritious to digest.

Capping off our PUBG Mobile throwable guide series (we covered smoke and frag grenades, in case you missed them) is the Molotov cocktail which is usually viewed as the lesser-known sibling of the trio. Despite their more infrequent spawning in-game, these bottles of fiery destruction - also known as Mollys - are as helpful as their throwable counterparts, and can be used both offensively and defensively ... as long as one knows how to utilise it.

Genie in a bottle

Weightage: 16 spaces
Diameter: 10 meters (approximately)
Duration: 10 seconds

No frag-like cooking is needed for Molotov cocktails. Instead, they'll explode into an area of flames upon impact, which renders them unable to bounce like the other two throwables. Its AoE (area of effect) damage is a slow burn (Hehehe) that continuously burn enemies until they get knocked down or the fire reaches its duration.

Access denied

The length to which we'll go to measure diameters.

Even though fire is one of mankind's very first useful discoveries, this volatile element remains as frightening as they come, even in PUBG Mobile. Thus, Molotov cocktails can be used to scare your enemies away both indoors or outdoors. When in a building, you can lay flames to entry points (doors, stairs, windows etc.) that'll discourage them from pursuing you, giving you time to either heal or reposition yourself.

Be mindful of the wildfire spread, especially if you're on the same floor - you may risk dying a silly self-inflicted death (self-burn much?).

Herd your enemies (pun intended)

Taking the above fear factor into account, you can also apply that thought process in a more aggressive manner. For example, when an enemy is hiding behind a cover, you can deploy your Molly at/near their location to pressure them out of safety. Once they're within your line of sights, you can gun them down without moving as much as running towards them.

A little help from some old flames

Another offensive tactic one can use with a Molly, is that before launching an attack on enemies, you can hurt them slightly pre-battle with your flaming throwable. So, you'd have a headstart when you finally face them and are more likely to take them down.

Fire > water

Contrary to the laws of real-life nature, fire in PUBG Mobile doesn't bow to the extinguishable properties of water. Along with frag grenades, Molotovs can also deal the same serious damage to anyone underwater. No wonder why pro players pretty much avoid going underwater, it's one of the riskiest places to be in for any sane person.

The only flipside to this is that the Molly fire doesn't spread as wide as on land.

What other high IQ Molotov cocktails tips do you know? Do impart your wisdom in the comments below!

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