PUBG Mobile's Got Talent with theme music cover contest

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 16, 2020

Here's your chance to win exciting prizes and flaunt the music in your soul during these trying times.

In the midst of the COVID-19 (previously known as the "2019 novel coronavirus") outbreak, we've been encouraged to practise social isolation by staying home as much as possible, preventing the virus from spreading further. While some are working, the rest of us are left to keep ourselves occupied, with gamers resorting to, well, gaming. But, if you're looking to flex your creativity muscles, then the PUBG Mobile Theme Music Cover Contest may be just the thing to get your mind off the pandemic.

Announced in conjunction with the 2nd year anniversary of the popular mobile battle royale title, the PUBG Mobile Theme Music Cover Contest invites players to not only make a music cover of the game's famous theme music - or the lobby music - but to put your own spin on it too. So, that means you can even create a rock, hip hop and even jazz version of the song!

Of course, it's not a contest if it doesn't have kick-butt prizes for participants to win. 15 contestants with the most views for their music cover will bag the following prizes:

Grand Prize (1st to 5th place)

A trip to PUBG Mobile's Esports Tournament to perform your cover of the PUBG Mobile theme music on stage. Includes free flights and 3-day accommodations.

Second Prize (6th to 10th place)

PUBG Mobile Merchandise Airdrop.

Third Prize (11th to 15th place)

Permanent in-game outfit.

Interested? Here's how you can participate in the contest:

Step 1

Download the PUBG Mobile theme music sheet.

Step 2

Record your cover of the PUBG Mobile theme music. You can experiment with different musical instruments, vocals and even edit the melodies and rhythm to produce your own version of the theme music, so get creative! Just make sure that the PUBG Mobile music is recognisable.

Step 3

Upload your video on YouTube and include #PUBGMThememusiccover in the description.

Step 4

Submit your entry on the PUBG Mobile contest webpage!

Step 5

Winners will be contacted by pubgmobile_cs@tencentgames.com within 10 working days after the submission deadline.

Contest ends on 5 Apr. Check out the contest webpage for more info.


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