PUBG: New State Launches Globally 11 November

Posted by George Wong on October 22, 2021

Since the announcement of PUBG: New State earlier this year, there haven't been many updates about the game so it came as a surprise when we received news about its launch. PUBG: New State, the upcoming battle royale from PUBG Studios, will launch globally in less than a month! Yes that's right, in less than a month you'll be able to play the next chapter in the PUBG saga.

Touted as an evolution of PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State is a mobile game that is touted to have better graphics, new content, global service support (featuring 17 different languages) and anti-cheat measures. It is said to use state-of-the-art rendering technology and gunplay on par with what's found in the PC version of the game. New features include weapon customization, the drone store (purchase weapons and items on the battlefield), a unique player recruitment system (you can get opponents to join your team in the middle of a match), and different maps such as Troi, and a new Erangel. The game will also be regularly updated with new content, improved gameplay, and a season-based service focused on gameplay balance and fun.

Nine global hubs will also be set up for communicating with fans all around the world. The new anti-cheat measures aim to create a safe and fair gameplay environment and will ban the use of unauthorized programs, emulators, keyboard and mouse, and hacks. Sounds like a whole lot of updates for fans of the current games! We wonder if it will replace the original PUBG Mobile once it comes out - hopefully, there's some way for people to transfer all their accounts and items to the new game. The developers of the game mentioned that there will eventually be an esports scene but right now they're focused on making sure the game is stable and in a good place before considering such plans. They will also be working with content creators closely to ensure PUBG: New State remains in the spotlight.

PUBG: New State will be set in the year 2051, so you can expect it to have a more futuristic theme, including weapons, skins and locations. The game will launch globally on 11 November 2021 and with 50,000,000 registrations, there shouldn't be any issues finding matches! If you haven't pre-registered for the game yet, you can do so on Android and iOS. You'll also get a limited-edition vehicle skin for doing so. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates when the game launches! Official website.

Check out the launch trailer and full announcement here:


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