RED: It's in our Blood

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 12, 2021

In case you missed it, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 7 (MPL MY S7) starts today onwards! To commemorate the beginning of the Regular Season, today we’ll be taking a closer look at RED. Attentive fans would have already noticed that this is the second time RED has emerged from the qualifiers to play in the Regular Season. Rightfully so, as RED accomplished this same feat during Season 6, proving it is in their blood to stand tall among Malaysia’s best and brightest.

RED’s roster currently consists of:

  • Haru (Captain)
  • Ash
  • Eren
  • Fufu
  • Heri
  • KLVN
  • Mal

Folks would recognize Eren and Mal who performed exceptionally well last season. Accompanying the 2 experienced players are 5 other relatively newer faces. While the team may look fairly different this time around, fans should not discount the strength on intermixing newer and seasoned players. With newer players comes newer perspectives and strategies, all while having experienced players anchor down these exciting ideas into more palatable executions. 

This could be evidently seen in their recent decisive qualifying match against Purge Pika. Staying true to their motto, “Red is my blood”, it was an absolutely bloodthirsty outing. RED managed to tear Purge Pika apart with a clean 2-0 result, looking absolutely dominant in both games. Each lasted just under 11 minutes, with RED not losing a single tower to boot. Not to mention, they utilized a riskier Marksman pick, Bruno, in Game 2 and still managed to dominate from start to finish. 

While the team managed to make the match look like an effortless endeavour, fans should always remember that it’s merely a testament to how much hard work and training has been put in for Season 7. 

While they were still preparing diligently for the Regular Season, we managed to have a word with RED themselves. Seeing as it was their second time entering the Regular Season through qualifiers, we felt it was appropriate to ask how they felt. The team shared that “it felt great and satisfying to be able participate in Season 7, because we got the slot through qualifiers” as opposed to a direct invitation. 

Seeing as the competition will only get tougher from here, the team also shared their thoughts about their upcoming opponents. RED looked most forward to facing Todak, citing that “it’s because they were the previous champions.” They confidently added “but honestly, we don’t mind facing any team.” RED also stated that Geek Fam may be the biggest threat this season due to Amoux’s return from MPL ID coaching waters, but cooly assured that they have made the necessary preparations.  

The team also shared a little bit about what they were doing before the season started. In terms of prep work, the team explained that it can be summed up as a “Netflix and chill” experience. They added that “we are all doing fine,” and confidently stated their expectations of becoming the Season 7 champs. “We will bring 3 Markmen and 2 Tanks” as a new meta this season, adding a warning to others to just wait and see what they have in store later. As we were also curious on what kind of struggles the team faces on a day to day basis, they shared an answer that would be relatable to any Malaysian out there. 

Just two words, “Makan mana?” (TL: Where to eat?) was enough to summarize their experience. While playing at the highest level requires intense commitment, having a good meal is just as important. 

With the league now being fully Malaysian based, the team also shared that “it’s good because it feels special.” Eren and Mal also had a few words to say to Reborn Esports before the action officially kicked off. “Good luck Reborn, you all better don’t get nervous and overthink too much,” chimed Eren. Mal shared that “I don’t really feel anything regarding Reborn as it's a brand new lineup altogether,” adding that it would be a close game. 

RED wanted to also thank the fans for continually supporting them and that they will do their best in the upcoming season. Be sure to catch them in action during the Regular Season that starts 12 March onwards!


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